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A few months ago, I received this email in my inbox:

Hi there, Laura!

This might sound random, but I was just on the phone with your mom, Pamela, earlier today … Basically, I heard her talk at the Dietary Guidelines Press Conference and figured I’d contact both her and Adele Hite to seek advice about nutrition-related career choices. I’m basically interested in two main things: 1) educating the public about what healthy traditional diets actually look like and on how to move gracefully from eating SAD to eating real, nutrient-dense foods, and 2) pursuing an entrepreneurial venture that connects people to their local farms and enables them to make their food choices and purchases easily and smoothly. Having those two goals in mind, I’m trying to understand if a nutrition degree is necessary/important to achieve this, and which kind of degree/specific topic.
Your mom had some good advice — she told me basically that your MPH-RD program at UNC is the way to go, and that it’s a good idea to try to build a private practice in order to coach patients based on one’s own conviction of healthy eating, while avoiding having to adhere strictly to flawed government-mandated principles. After sharing her experience with me, she told me about you and urged me to contact you to get your input about the program. She also shared your blog, Ancestralize Me. Looks like it’s a great resource; I’ve subscribed to it and followed your FB page. Looking forward to reading your posts!
This is the short bit about me that I’ve shared with your mom: I’ve been a convert to the ‘real food’ way of eating for the past few years after being introduced to Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint and then to Sally Fallon and Mary Enig’s Nourishing Traditions, the WAPF, and a few other books and documentaries that debunk some of the conventional myths surrounding healthy eating, and that shed light on the importance of real foods. I blog about healthy living and share some of my recipes on My Life in a Pyramid, and recently, I collaborated with a friend to start a traditional Middle Eastern food site called midEATS. I thoroughly enjoy blogging, and I probably won’t stop anytime soon, but I want to make a stronger impact within the fields of nutrition, public health, and the local food economy. With a Master’s degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies, I feel comfortable researching and writing about a wide range of topics, but I am wondering whether a degree in holistic nutrition, nutritional science, or food studies might enable me to reach more people with my message. The options for programs are quite dizzying, so I’d love some insight from someone with experience in the field.
Oh, also – I’d love to “interview” you for my MLP blog (via email or phone – up to you) to expose more people to Ancestralize Me, if you’re interested! Let me know what you think! 🙂
All the best,


Of course I agreed to do the interview, and after a few email exchanges with Heba, she put together an awesome (and flattering) blog post about me and my foray into Ancestral health and nutrition. I’m so impressed by the article, it makes me sound so professional and well informed! (which I’m clearly not… 😉 )

Check it out!! Thanks so much Heba!

Paleo 101: An Interview with Nutrition Student Laura Schoenfeld of Ancestralize Me | My Life in a Pyramid.

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