PaleoFX Notes Preview!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a short preview of the 28 pages of notes I took during PaleoFX this weekend.

They might seem a little scatterbrained but I was typing as much as I could while still listening to each talk. Some of them are literal transcriptions of what panelists were saying.

I think they’d be a great complement to the lecture videos that will be available shortly.

I decided that I will release all 28 pages once I reach 2000 fans on Facebook!

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Notes from Thursday 3/15

Robb Wolf: “Run Your Gym Like A Caveman: The NorCal Method”

  • Learning about Robb’s business model makes me wish I had a gym near me that was so thorough
    • I may end up using these techniques when I design a future wellness clinic
    • Really thorough about tracking clients, offering best service possible, maximizing commitment
    • Focus on client’s happiness, retention rates
    • CSA and grassfed meat buying – acting as a hub to get clients access to food

  • Using your gym to positively influence thousands in the local community
    • Spreading the idea of Ancestral Health
    • Economic picture – run an effective business
      • Plastic surgery example – pay for lipo, do Robb’s lifestyle protocol, don’t end up needing lipo and ‘upgrade’ to a different procedure
  • Liberty Garden – decentralized, sustainable agriculture
    • Gym supports local grassfed meat production
    • Ancestral wellness and fitness can support farms to help catalyze change
  • Goal to create amazing client experience and get long-term retention
    • Build relationships with clients, build a culture, have impact in people’s lives
    • Develop coaches/staff that are high level
    • Don’t feel guilty selling a product/service that saves people’s lives – profit is ok!
  • Evolution of NorCal
    • Developing strength as a skill, consistent exposure to basic lifts
    • Skill and developmental standards
      • Fitness level, skill acquisition
    • Different entry points for clients
    • Offer free services around points of attrition
      • Systematic accounting of client patterns
    • Find out where clients are and what their goals are
  • Think in a multidimensional, holistic manner
  • The On Ramp program
    • Need to bring new clients up to a certain level of skill and fitness
    • Track body comp, anthropometrics, basic level of fitness
    • At the end of session 12, you retest their fitness and body comp
    • Show success stories, have a doc to run bloodwork if desired
  • Offering non-competitive, low intensity classes for people that don’t want to be distracted by competition
    • Helps avoid adrenal burnout and loss of clients
    • Have somewhere for clients to go when they get tired of certain levels
  • “If you’re scaling, you’re failing your client”
    • Everybody who deals with educating people in a skillful manner must read “The Talent Code” – accumulation of time doing activity well = success
      • Start off training with strength and skill training to ingrain proper form early on, rather than drilling in bad movement patterns
  • Retention = Growth
    • Doing things right leads to word-of-mouth increase in new clients when your long-term clients are happy
    • High attrition indicates faulty systems – need to track people’s retention
    • Let clients know that you love them – track progress, keep an eye on attendance
    • Use MINDBODY online to schedule classes, payroll, staffing, check attendance
    • Use technology to track attendance, skill level, involve social media
      • Metric tracking online
      • Helps spread word of mouth
        • Facebook check-in
    • Before and after photos, Paleo Challenge
    • Track Points of Contact
    • Have a client pathway
    • Involve Paleo challenges, potlucks, recipe swap, build community
  • Coming soon: NorCal Business Systems
    • “Soup to nuts” instructions

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