Welp, just had my first “Paleo” Thanksgiving. Was pretty awesome.

Navigating Thanksgiving this year was surprisingly easy, thanks to my Martha-Stewart-inspired Aunt who was very excited to show me the menu she had planned that could fit into my Paleo template. I was very grateful for her consideration of my “dietary needs” when she planned the menu, because it meant I got to pig out like I wanted and not worry about the consequences.

I am also pleased to say that this is the first Thanksgiving that I don’t feel like I gained 10 pounds, either because of the healthiness of the food, or maybe due to the fact that I was totally satisfied with one plate of food. Usually I go in for seconds (maybe thirds) but this year I was completely sated with the one plate I made. Another perk of the Paleo diet – not needing as much food to feel full and happy!

I also had one of the most ridiculous Turkey-coma naps, which may or may not have been due to the 4 mile hike I took after dinner, or the size of the Turkey leg I devoured (helloooo Tryptophan). I don’t usually nap since I tend to have pretty high energy, but this nap was pretty glorious, and I think my body needed the rest after running around like a crazy person for the last month or so (thanks grad school.)

All in all, I really enjoyed this weekend, and it’s nice to have my Paleo template guiding me around the dinner table, because there’s nothing better than being able to stuff your face and not having to pay for it the next day. 🙂


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  1. Beautiful plate and a wonderful sounding meal. I caved in this year and added non-Paleo dishes for the family. Bad! For Christmas I’m planning to (almost) keep it Paleo. I may have a few beans as a salad option.


    1. Thanks Pamela! My Aunt would be happy to hear her cooking is appreciated by my Paleo readers.

      Don’t fret too much about the few non-Paleo items, I definitely had a couple non-Paleo items myself (beer, cheese, rice, sugar, etc.) The point is when you do “cheat”, you should really just enjoy yourself and not stress too much about your adherence to Paleo! I try to make sure that if I do eat non-Paleo foods, that I’m REALLY enjoying them, and not just eating them because I’m craving a Paleo rebellion once in a while.

      As long as you feel good, I’m sure you’re doing great! 🙂

  2. Looks amazing!

    What veggies went into the roast veggie salad? Was it served hot or cold? And do you have the sweet potato souffle recipe?

    Thanks! Love your blog – found my way here via the “paleo women are phat” post & decided to go back & read through your archives. 🙂