Wanted: RD Preceptors!

I posted this ‘advertisement’ on Robb Wolf’s blog today, but I wanted to make sure all my readers saw it too! Please pass this along to anyone who might be able to help us.

Calling all Registered Dietitians!

My friend/classmate Courtney and I are looking for registered dietitians around the country who would be interested in taking us on as interns next fall for our advanced placement internship experience. The internship will last 10 weeks (400 hours), but we have the flexibility to spend those ten weeks however we’d like, doing whatever work we find most interesting and educational based on our interests. The only major requirement is that we work under the supervision of a registered dietitian for those 400 hours.

While we both have similar career goals in promoting Paleo-style nutrition counseling to future clients, we also have our own unique interests in what we’d like to experience during our individual internships. Read on to learn more about what we are looking for, and if you are interested in possibly working with one of us next year, feel free to give us a shout!

Laura Schoenfeld

I’m Laura, a 25 year old New Jersey native, and the owner of this blog. I graduated from Gettysburg College in 2009 with a degree in Psychology, and in 2011, after taking two years off to travel for a year in Australia and take premed courses at a local community college, I started my graduate program at UNC. I’ve grown to love North Carolina and consider it my new home. I’m enjoying being active outdoors, hitting up live music, ‘hunting and gathering’ at the many amazing local farmers markets, and making sporadic trips to the beach when I can.

If you don’t know already, I got into nutrition as a career path mainly because I’ve been appalled at the dietary habits of most of my peers. I personally was raised on a Weston A. Price style diet, and after a few years of rebelling (and consequently gaining weight and losing energy), I finally realized the importance of good nutrition for health, fitness, and overall wellbeing. Once I realized how little my friends knew about nutrition, I found I had a strong passion for educating others about ‘real’ nutrition and not the low-fat, high carb, Food Pyramid garbage that we’d been taught since 3rd grade.

As I’ve developed my specific interests in nutrition, I’ve realized that I’m very interested in learning more about how nutrition therapy can be used to treat and prevent chronic conditions like autoimmune disease, food intolerances, hormonal dysregulation, fertility complications, psychological issues, thyroid and adrenal health, and cancer. I’d really enjoy working as part of a clinical team in an integrative or holistic medicine setting. It would be great to learn more about the major role nutrition plays in the treatment of those chronic conditions that majorly affect quality of life.

Ideally I’d like to stay in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, since I intend to start my life and career here after graduate school ends. However, I am flexible, and would possibly be interested in doing a short term (1-2 weeks) observational experience in any part of the country, and possibly even internationally. You can contact me at ancestralizeme@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Courtney Locklear

Hi there! My name is Courtney, I’m 23 years old, and I’m Southern born and bred. My undergraduate background is in Exercise Science from Appalachian State University and I’ve also gotten my certification through ACSM as a health fitness specialist. I love being outside and being active, exercising, cooking, fishing, and yes, even hunting (no atlatl here though).

In the past, I’ve personally struggled with weight and other health issues related to a very poor quality diet. I’ve seen how hard it is to ‘go at it’ alone, so I think it’s critical to help people who are ready and eager for change. My current interests lie in the area of weight loss and overall optimization of health and performance in individuals of all levels; from pro athletes to couch potatoes. Because of my background, I don’t have experience with team sports, but it’s an area I would certainly be eager to work in.

As far as a geographic location, I would prefer to remain on the east coast if possible. I live in North Carolina now, so anywhere in this region would be tremendous! However, there are some other places I would definitely be open to traveling to such as Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, and even Colorado (because it’s just awesome!).

I do realize that many of the more progressive health professionals and organizations may not be specifically located in these areas of the country. However, since the Southeast is infamous for maintaining the highest levels of chronic diseases, there is a need for major improvements in nutrition in this area of the country. I hope that someone out there will be willing to ‘take me under their wing’ for this brief period of time, and I’m looking forward to the experience!

You can email me at: locklearcr07@gmail.com

The start of a beautiful friendship. Despite the ugly sweaters.
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  1. Best of luck! I think as this “paleo RD” movement grows larger, we need to think of ways of supporting each other. Especially those of us who are students in need of guidance and a place to do internships! I know I’ll need the help when I get to my DI.

    1. Hey ladies! I am a Registered Dietitian living in Tennessee, close to Asheville. I have been a preceptor this year for 4 RDs but in Clinical Nutrition. I am in a Long Term Care facility currently. However, I live Whole Foods/Paleo lifestyle myself. I blog about it too, and try to teach a whole foods approach to everyone I come in contact with. I’m growing my knowledge every day. I say all that to say I am here as support as an active RD who is wanting to go the Paleo RD route one day… however that will look. Here’s my blog: http://www.maryinmarriedland.blogspot.com. Email: maryinmarriedland@gmail.com! Contact me and we can at least chat RD stuff!

      1. Hi Mary! Thanks for leaving a comment, I checked out your blog and it’s really nice. I love that you bring Jesus into the picture so strongly. I hope one day I’ll find a way to incorporate my faith into my blog in an appropriate way.

        You should get yourself on the Paleo Physicians Network if you’re not already a member. I bet there are a lot of people who would like to see a Paleo-style RD!

        Great to hear from you!