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Healing Skin Rashes with Jennifer Fugo – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 17

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There are myriad causes for chronic skin rashes with just as many different approaches to help cure them. It’s all about finding what works for you. Jennifer Fugo, a clinical nutritionist specializing in skin rashes, joins me to talk about how our diets do – or don’t – link to our skin problems.



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How Your Diet Can Impact Your Skin Health

With so many different approaches, it’s hard to know which is actually the right way to treat your skin rashes. Jen explains why medical interventions are helpful, when you’re using them correctly, and shouldn’t be discounted for natural or homeopathic approaches which don’t always work, either. 

Jen shares why gluten isn’t the root cause of all skin rashes. Yes, some people have a gluten sensitivity, but you shouldn’t immediately cut out gluten from your diet to help treat your chronic skin rashes.

In fact, there are at least 16 causes of skin rashes that Jen has discovered and only one of them is diet-related!

When her clients come to her, many have been on restrictive and exclusionary diets for years with no improvement to their skin health. It may be that your skin rashes have nothing to do with what food you’re eating but rather how your gut functions. 

Healing your skin rashes might not be as simple as putting a doctor-prescribed cream on. But you have to understand that it can take a while for your skin to clear up! Many people feel discouraged and give up after just a couple of weeks with a new treatment.

Finally, Jen gives us some practical advice. Women should be eating around 70 grams of protein every day. Coconut oil isn’t the miracle cure many people claim it is. And you should always question the nutrition advice that’s out there, both on the internet and even from your doctor.

Healing your skin issues is possible. There is hope out there. Don’t give up!

Do you have skin issues? Have you felt discouraged with them? Let me know in the comments on the episode page.

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In This Episode

  • Why you shouldn’t discount medical interventions for skin issues, but learn how to use them correctly for you
  • The truth about gluten in your diet
  • The 16 causes of skin rashes
  • How you can overuse restrictive diets
  • Why you need to consider how your gut functions
  • Why you can’t just assume a cream is going to fix your skin rashes
  • How long it can take to clear skin rashes and why you shouldn’t feel discouraged after a couple of weeks
  • How much protein the average woman should eat every day
  • The problem with coconut oil for skin
  • Why you should always ask questions



“You have to think about the level of suffering that someone is going through and making sure that they’re educated but not scared to death, because that’s not fair. Everyone has the right to be educated and we shouldn’t shame anyone.” (16:23)

“You can’t do one thing, you can’t make one little change and assume that because you have these problems and you read somewhere online that if you have skin issues it’s tied to leaky gut and if you take out these foods, your gut will heal. That’s not realistic.” (23:53)

“I don’t think your body betrayed you. I think it’s just been trying to talk to you and we’re kind of conditioned at this point to think that symptoms that we experience are inconveniences rather than this deeper calling from somewhere inside letting you know that something’s wrong.” (53:17)



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