“Lucky” Seven Root Stew


While corned beef, cabbage, and irish soda bread tend to be the typical St. Patrick’s Day fare, I decided to mix it up a bit this year and create a beef stew that uses seven different types of root vegetables to help get in a good variety of plant foods. I’m attempting to get a weekly tally of 20 different varieties of plants a week, as was suggested by my colleague Dr. Meaghan Dishman.

The seven roots I used in this dish were: carrot, turnip, rutabaga, parsnip, fennel, onion, and garlic. (Okay, so they might not all be roots technically, but they ain’t leaves either!)

This beef stew was super tasty and had a much different flavor profile to the last stew I made. With chicken or beef broth and red wine, it’s a more mild, traditional stew flavor, with lots of veggies and protein to fill you up.

Sage Lamb Meatballs With Tahini Dipping Sauce and Shepherd’s Salad

Number of servings: 3

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