Let's build a                     that nourishes you.

calling all big-hearted nutrition entrepreneurs...

Let's build a
that nourishes you.


Are you ready to drop the hustle and come into alignment with your ideal business, so you can work from a sense of ease and abundance? Well my friend, you're in the right place!

As a functional dietitian, I've successfully run my own multi-6-figure online nutrition business for over 7 years, while learning business and marketing strategies from some of the top minds in the online coaching industry.

I'm committed to guiding you on your journey to creating your own profitable, passion-fueled nutrition business that nourishes both you and your ideal clients... so you can increase your income and impact as well as your joy.


My mission is

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our mission

The Nutrition Business Accelerator™

Want to create a profitable online nutrition business working with your dream clients?

Learn how to start, grow, and scale your online nutrition business to 6-figures and beyond, so you can experience the financial and time freedom you desire!

The programs

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the Mastermind

In this intimate, 12-month mastermind group experience, you'll connect with some of the top minds in the online nutrition space to accelerate your growth beyond your wildest dreams!

You'll learn how to do the work that makes the biggest impact on your business, serves the most number of your ideal clients, and keeps you feeling fulfilled on a daily basis.

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jillian finally has work life balance

"I now have the ability to show up 110% for clients and to be fully present in my personal life."

Working with Laura I've more than doubled my revenue in less than a year and have a long client waitlist! She helped me to restructure the backend of my business, streamline my processes, and hire out out help so I could focus on the work I really want to be doing.

We narrowed down my niche and created really valuable 1:1 programs that support my clients in getting amazing results. She gave me the push and skills needed to launch a successful, scalable group program. Most importantly she helped me to get back my quality of life for a better work life balance! I am incredibly grateful for Laura and the comprehensive support she's give me over the last year.

Susan quintupled her income

"I built a waitlist of people waiting to work with me."

I had been trying to build a sustainable virtual practice for years on my own and was getting nowhere and felt like I was always starting over.

Laura helped me identify my ideal client and create a program specifically for them. Being able to speak directly to my ideal client has allowed me to build a waitlist of people waiting to work with me and grow my business 5x's above any previous monthly income. Don't waste time and money trying to figure everything out on your own!

This could be you....

stephanie launched her online program

"I created a program curriculum that I had been talking about for years."

Laura provided me with the tools and support to make it finally happen. I learned more about business in 4 months from Laura than I had in the last 4 years of being in business.

My monthly revenue is now about 2-3x my previous monthly revenue. Laura is a total pro and really knows her stuff. I couldn't be more satisfied with her and the delivery of her programs.

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Ready Set Grow!

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Profit Planning Workbook

Struggling to figure out what to charge for your services? Stop charging what you're "worth"... and start charging prices that reflect the results your clients can get and the financial goals you have as an expert entrepreneur!


Find Your Profitable Niche 

In this virtual workshop, I’ll show you the exact steps for defining your profitable coaching niche so you can stand out in a crowded market and get paying clients more easily.