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I'm a nutritionist (RD) turned business coach who believes you've got to face your fears head-on in order to pursue your healthiest, most purpose-driven life, and to build a business that helps you and your clients thrive.

But I wasn't always this confident when it came to my body or my business.

Growing up, our family was always ahead of the curve when it came to nutrition and health. However, in my teens and twenties, I became  incredibly self-conscious about my changing body. I thought if I just got “healthier” (i.e. thinner) I would finally be accepted and loved.

But even as I experimented with all the fad diets, I also felt conflicted. I wanted to learn how to balance a healthy diet and lifestyle with my desire to look healthy. That's what led me to  pursue a master's degree in nutrition and public health to become a registered dietitian (RD).

As I got to work as a nutritionist running my own online business, I saw that nutrition advice alone was not resolving the insecurities that many of my clients were feeling (not to mention their health challenges!)

Through lots of work on my own mindset combined with a deepening relationship with God, I woke up to the fact that I missing out on a purpose-filled life by worrying about how I looked, how much I weighed, and how everyone perceived me.

From that moment on, I decided it was time for a change. Not only would I embrace myself for who I was created to be, but I would also help others do the same.

that passion led me to build a multiple 6-figure functional nutrition business helping women become fearless in their approach to health.

learning how to grow a successful online business was A HUGE PART OF MY JOURNEY TO BECOME CONFIDENT IN WHO I WAS AND WHAT I WAS CAPABLE OF.

As I became more fearless in my personal life, I realized that in order to reach my full potential as an entrepreneur, I was going to start having to get even more fearless as a digital CEO.

So I invested thousands of dollars in online programs, coaching, and mentorship (over $200k to date!) to learn the skills and mindset necessary to have a successful online business. And it worked! My business grew to over $250,000 in revenue annually and I was able to have the flexible lifestyle I wanted as an online business owner.

In 2019, I started mentoring other dietitians and nutritionists in building their own businesses, and discovered I had a true passion for combining my nutrition expertise with my marketing and business building experience.

Then in 2020, the pandemic hit. Suddenly everyone was moving their businesses online, and something that I had been doing by choice for over 6 years became a life-or-death necessity for hundreds of nutrition businesses.

I saw an opportunity to help others get their businesses online quickly,  and despite my fears around starting a new business during such a tumultuous time, I took the leap and launched my signature business coaching program, The Nutrition Business Accelerator™.

That was the moment everything changed.

The coaching program was a smash hit, and suddenly I had dozens of health and nutrition experts wanting to work with me to help them start, grow, and scale their online businesses.

I now had to make one of the biggest decisions I've ever had to make in my business, so I could really go all in...

I shut down my multi-6-figure nutrition business to focus exclusively on coaching other expert entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses.

my rock through it all

Josh, my husband and biggest supporter (and director of operations!)

It felt scary AF to close down a successful business I had spent over 7 years building. But I knew that for my business, myself, and my family to thrive, I had to follow my passion and my joy (and follow my own dang advice about keeping things simple!)

Today, I've helped over one hundred nutrition entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow, and scale their online businesses so they can grow their income and  their impact.

And I'm here to help you face your fears with confidence, and combine personal growth with tried-and-true strategy... so you too can build the business and life of your dreams.


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