Get To Know Me

laughingWant to get to know me better?

I love learning more about the practitioners and coaches I work with. It’s great to know that those leading me in improving my health and life are real people too.

My friends will tell you I’m an open book. I’ve made a commitment to practice vulnerability with friends and loved ones, as well as transparency with my audience.

I’d love for you to learn a little more about me and what makes me tick.

here are some fun facts about me!

  • I’m originally from New Jersey but I moved to North Carolina for grad school in 2011 and loved it so much that I stayed. You may see me throw a “y’all” in here and there, but I definitely don’t have a southern accent (yet!)
  • I’ve been a Christian since 2012, which has been one of the biggest positive changes in my life that I’ve ever made. (Feel free to ask me about that! I love sharing my growing faith with anyone interested.)
  • I’m engaged married (!) to an incredible man from Ohio and we’re getting married in June. Click here to learn more about our relationship and why I love him so dang much.
  • I have a 3 year old dog named Levi who is a Catahoula mix (we think?) and one of the coolest dogs you’ll ever meet. I can’t take him on a walk without at least one person stopping to stare at his beautiful blue and brown eyes!
  • I’ve been training with a strength and conditioning coach two to three times a week since 2015 and I’m hooked. I mostly do powerlifting and HIIT while I’m there, and my body hasn’t looked or felt better in years.
  • I generally follow a higher carb, Paleo-ish diet with lots of extras like gluten-free grains, occasional dairy, sugar in moderation, and the occasional gluten-y treat. I no longer stress about following the perfect diet.
  • My favorite adult beverages are dark beer and whiskey. Luckily my husband is on the same page – in fact we got engaged in front of Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI where we had our first in-person date and shared a flight of delicious dark beer! (Our favorite was the Frangelic Stout.)
  • I played volleyball in high school and college and love to play both indoor and beach when I get a chance.
  • I lived in Australia for ~18 months of my life, and have a southern cross tattoo on my right ankle (so bogan!) I hope to visit Oz again in the future!
  • I also have a tattoo under my left arm that says “Love all. Please One.” This tattoo reminds me to treat others with love and kindness but to not let my people-pleasing tendencies to override my commitment to following God’s will for my life. (Galatians 1:10)
  • My favorite food is chocolate ice cream. Not very healthy necessarily, but life is short!

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