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Get To Know Me

Hey friend, Want to get to know me better?

Confession: I love learning more about the practitioners and coaches I work with.

It’s great to know that those leading me in improving my health and life are real people too. And to be honest, I want to work with someone who I’d actually enjoy hanging out with!

And since I’m guessing you’re probably a lot like me in that regard, so I want you to feel like you know me a little better too!

My friends will tell you I’m an open book. I’ve made a commitment to practice vulnerability with friends and loved ones, as well as transparency with my audience.

I’d love for you to learn a little more about me and what makes me tick, so you can see me as a friend rather than some unapproachable internet health “guru”!

here are some fun facts about me!

  • I’m originally from New Jersey but I moved to North Carolina for grad school in 2011 and loved it so much that I stayed. You may see me throw a “y’all” in here and there, but I definitely don’t have a southern accent (yet!)
  • I’ve been a Christian since 2012, which has been one of the biggest positive changes in my life that I’ve ever made. (Feel free to ask me about that! I love sharing my growing faith with anyone interested.)
  • In 2017 I married an incredible man from Ohio who I met online after God gave me a vision for that next stage in my life. Click here to learn more about our relationship and why I love him so dang much.
  • I have a dog named Levi who is a Catahoula mix (we think?) and one of the coolest dogs you’ll ever meet. I can’t take him on a walk without at least one person stopping to stare at his beautiful blue and brown eyes! (And now I’m a step-mom to a fiesty little cat named Riesling.)
  • I’ve been training with a strength and conditioning coach two to three times a week since 2015 and I’m hooked. I mostly do powerlifting and HIIT while I’m there, and my body hasn’t looked or felt better in years.
  • I generally follow a higher carb, Paleo-ish diet with lots of extras like gluten-free grains, occasional dairy, sugar in moderation, and the occasional gluten-y treat. I no longer stress about following the perfect diet, and I love that I can eat so much and still stay healthy!
  • My favorite adult beverages are dark beer and whiskey. Luckily my husband is on the same page – in fact we got engaged in front of Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI where we had our first in-person date and shared a flight of delicious dark beer! (Our favorite was the Frangelic Stout.)
  • I played volleyball in high school and college (Outside Hitter here!) and love to play both indoor and beach when I get a chance.
  • I lived in Australia for ~18 months of my life, and have a southern cross tattoo on my right ankle (so bogan!) I hope to visit Oz again in the future!
  • I also have a tattoo under my left arm that says “Love all. Please One.” This tattoo reminds me to treat others with love and kindness but to not let my people-pleasing tendencies to override my commitment to following God’s will for my life. (Galatians 1:10)
  • My favorite food is chocolate ice cream. Not very “healthy” necessarily, but life is short!

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