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Introducing the 14 Day Calorie Challenge

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Just a quick mini-announcement before I share our BIG announcement about the calorie challenge…

I was so excited (and somewhat shocked, TBH) to find out I was nominated for an award in Paleo Magazine’s 2018 Best of Paleo Awards!

(If you nominated me, I”m sending you a virtual hug for doing so!)

The award is “Best Paleo-Centric RD” (registered dietitian) and I’m honored to be nominated in a group of some pretty amazing women.

My shameless request is this… would you vote for me before the voting deadline ends on Friday 1/19?

CLICK HERE to cast your vote for me!

While you’re there you can vote for other awesome health-empowering friends of mine like Diane Sanfilippo, Noelle Tar, Steph Gaudreau, and Stefani Ruper.

It only takes a few minutes and I’d appreciate your support so much in getting the award.

I’d love to be featured in the magazine even as a runner up so more people like you can learn about me and my message!

Also, as promised, I have a 75% discount for you as a thank you for being a member of my community!

Kelsey Kinney and I so excited to launch a new resource that we’ve been working on developing and perfecting for the past 6 months.

calorie challenge

Introducing The 14-Day Calorie Challenge

The Challenge? To eat a balanced calorie and macronutrient-containing diet for two weeks to see how much your energy can improve.

We’ve created five two-week meal plans designed for people who want to follow a gluten-free, real food diet that fits their unique needs.

The best part about these five meal plans is that we’ve designed them to meet a variety of different needs.

So if you have a gut infection or an autoimmune disease, we’ve created a plan just for you.

We’ve also provided guidance for how to easily tweak the meal plans if you need a higher amount of calories than the range we’ve provided (between 1800-2200 per day).

calorie challenge

Here are the five 2-week meal plans we’ve included in this bundle:

  • Strict Paleo/Whole30
  • Real Food (Gluten-Free)
  • Real Food for Athletes
  • Autoimmune Protocol
  • Digestive Health (Low-FODMAP)

The cool part is you get all five of these meal plans as part of your purchase.

That way, if you need to change which meal plan you’re using, you can get more or less strict on your food choices depending on your needs.

For example, maybe a strict Paleo diet causes terrible bloating for you. Perhaps you’d do better on the Digestive Health plan.

Or maybe you’re tired of following the Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet, and want to branch out to a “normal” Paleo diet for a while.

Or perhaps you’re unnecessarily avoiding all grains and dairy, and feel the Real Food plan is the most attractive to you.

Whatever meal plan fits best for you is available for you to test as part of the challenge.

calorie challenge

So are you ready to try the challenge and see how much your energy improves?

Then you’ll want to get your copy by this Thursday, January 18th.

For the next 4 days, we’re selling the 14-Day Calorie Challenge for only $7!

Normally we’ll be charging a more reasonable $27 for the bundle of five meal plans, but as a thank you for being part of our community we want to offer it to you for over 75% off the retail value.

Starting right now until midnight (EST) on Thursday, January 18th, we’re offering the 14-Day Calorie Challenge for just $7.

Just $7 for over 70 days of real food recipes.

$7 for 10 weeks of shopping lists and meal plan calendars.

Seven. Dollars.

Is your health worth $7? (We hope so!)

So if you’re ready to take the 14 Day Calorie Challenge, CLICK HERE to get your copy of the program for 75% off.

Remember, this mega sale ends on Thursday, so grab your $7 copy now before the price goes up to $27!

And if you’re on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #14DayCalorieChallenge to show us what you’re eating.

Here’s to an energized and amazing 2018!

Your friend and coach,
Laura Schoenfeld

PS – Share this post with any of your friends who would love to get the 75% discount on these meal plans!

PPS – Don’t wait, the meal plans pricing goes up to $27 at 11:59PM EST on Thursday 1/18! Get your 75% discount now.

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