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Can God Heal Infertility?

Can God heal infertility? Lia's miraculous pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Read this article for proof!
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This post is for those of you wondering… can God heal infertility or any other illness?

It’s also for those of you who are struggling with faith in general and are the type of people who need to “see it to believe it.”

I get you… I have that issue myself!

And while “faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (HEB 11:1) I know that seeing can be really helpful in supporting our faith.

That’s why it’s important to me that I share evidence for faith as often as I can.

It’s even more important than sharing evidence for the ideal diet or exercise routine.

Frankly, sometimes I feel a little awkward talking about my Christian beliefs on a health blog.

This is partially because so many people in the Paleo/Ancestral health community are not Christian (or even fully atheist).

And it’s partially because I’m still somewhat new to my faith and feel unsure about how to share this part of my life in a compassionate yet truthful way.

But a few weeks ago in church I heard an incredible story that I just knew I had to share on my blog.

Can God heal infertility? Lia's miraculous pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Read this article for proof!

Proof that God Can Heal Infertility

My friend Wes shared that his wife Lia, a good friend of mine, was miraculously pregnant after struggling for years with infertility.

She was told by countless doctors she would never get pregnant naturally. But her relationship with God and trust in His promises allowed her to overcome that diagnosis and prove that God can do the impossible.

I had goosebumps while Wes was sharing the story. Seeing God work miracles in real life is so incredible!

If nothing else I hope it helps just one person see direct evidence that God is capable of healing not only infertility but any number of ailments or diseases we humans may battle with over the course of our lives.

I want you to know, and to truly believe, that God can heal infertility. (He can heal you from anything, actually.)

And this story is evidence that it’s possible.

Keep reading to hear Lia’s amazing testimony to the power of God in healing our bodies!

Lia’s amazing Story

When my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, we had no idea the journey God would take us on. We are sharing our story as a testimony of faith because we are walking in a real life miracle.

Our prayer is that you would be both blessed and encouraged after reading it, and be compelled to walk this life in faith and trust in a Good God.

Because of my long history of missed and absent periods (2-3 sporadic periods a year was my “normal”), it was no surprise that we spent over two years trying to get pregnant without success.

To those of you struggling to get pregnant, I see you and I support you.

It isn’t easy seeing those sweet baby announcements when you’re in the midst of waiting, and there are few struggles as lonely and invisible as infertility.

Can God heal infertility? Lia's miraculous pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Read this article for proof!

After two years of waiting, we decided to seek the help of a fertility specialist.

Upon our first visit, the doctor took blood work and diagnosed me with hypopituitary dysfunction, a disorder characterized by the deficiency of one or more of the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland.

What this means, he explained, is that my brain is lacking the hormone that tells my eggs to mature. If my eggs never mature, I will not ovulate, and I therefore cannot get pregnant. This sounded right to me since I’ve never had a normal menstrual cycle.

To me, this diagnosis was a blessing; many women never get a clear answer as to why they can’t get pregnant and we were given an answer and an opportunity to move forward with a plan. Thank you, Jesus.

After 3 rounds of fertility medication (and almost 6 months later), we found out that we were pregnant with twins.

What a gift from God! I will never forget that first appointment when we saw those two little heartbeats, or the day our beautiful baby boy and girl were born.

Can God heal infertility? Lia's miraculous pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Read this article for proof!

My hope throughout my pregnancy with the twins was that it would somehow “reset” my body and those regular, monthly periods I never knew would begin after they were born.

I knew Wes and I were going to want to try for baby #3 eventually, and we both prayed that it could happen naturally. Fertility treatments are physically and emotionally taxing, time consuming, and expensive.

After I stopped nursing the twins, it had been 6 months and I still had not gotten a period (they say your period should return within six to eight weeks after you stop breastfeeding).

At this point, I decided to check in with my fertility doctor to get more blood work done to see if anything weird was going on. It turned out my blood work was the exact same as it had been the first time I went in.

What I remember most clearly from that appointment was hearing our doctor say, “Your ovaries are dormant. If you want to get pregnant again, you will need to do the same treatment as we did before. When you’re ready, just call and setup a baseline ultrasound.”

I was a bit deflated but also encouraged that there was potential for us to get pregnant again, even if it was through the help of medication.

But what happened next, I could not have hoped for or imagined.

Can God heal infertility? Lia's miraculous pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Read this article for proof!

That same night after my appointment at the fertility doctor, our church was hosting a night of worship. During the song, “You Make Me Brave,” I felt the Lord say to me, “Do not do the medication…I can get you pregnant.”

Wow. Okay God.

I cannot explain it but I have never heard from God so clearly. I couldn’t shake it or ignore it despite the fear and doubt that immediately crept in.

I was scared because saying “Yes” to God meant giving up whatever bit of control I had of getting pregnant.

I thought that if I didn’t give the fertility treatment a shot again, I may never have any more children.

And I knew if I didn’t tell Wes right away, I probably would end up convincing myself I hadn’t really heard from God. I remember sitting down in the middle of service and texting Wes, who was running the projector in the back.

I told him, “God told me not to do the medication and that He can get us pregnant. I think we should have Trevor pray for us. I am telling you this now because I might dismiss it if I don’t.”

After the service, we shared what God had spoken to us to a friend and asked him to pray for us. I believe God met us here and honored this step of faith.

We continued to pray and trust that God would do as He’d said, and the miracles started happening.

For the next 4 months following that worship night, I had a regular 30-day, to the day, menstrual cycle. For those of you who know me, this is extremely significant.

Instead of getting upset that I wasn’t pregnant each month, I couldn’t help but praise God for literally healing my body.

Can God heal infertility? Lia's miraculous pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Read this article for proof!

Come month 5, I remember waking up and telling Wes, “I think today is when I’m supposed to get my period!” He told me to take a pregnancy test, so I did.

When it came back positive (and after 3 more tests – just to be sure), we were filled with joy at the miracle we were experiencing firsthand. We could not be more thankful for this precious gift (coming this August).

This pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives.

He has been so kind to grow our faith in this season and I can’t keep quiet what He’s taught me.

I cannot emphasize enough the value in listening to God and trusting that what He says is true.

We’ve all made promises that we couldn’t keep (we’re human and we mess up), but because of God’s unchanging character and infinite wisdom, we can trust that He is the truth and only speaks the truth.

I encourage you to listen for His voice in your lives, and when you hear Him, be willing to step out in faith and trust rather than living beneath a cloud of doubt and fear.

God blesses us in ways we cannot even see when we step out in faith and trust Him, and He honors us when we pray and reach out to others in faith.

Can God heal infertility? Lia's miraculous pregnancy is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Read this article for proof!

Prayer is powerful, and nothing is impossible for our God.

I don’t know where you are in your journey to start or grow your family, but I pray that you know (regardless of what the outcome may be) that God cares for you and knows you.

To those of you mourning the loss of a baby or who are trying to conceive, I weep with you and think of you often.

I’m met with mixed emotions sharing this story because I know not everyone gets their happy ending or the story they had always envisioned.

But I pray that we can “rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.”

And most importantly, I know there is hope in Jesus, and for that I am most thankful. God (and His unending grace) is bigger than any giant we will ever face, infertility included.

Ephesians 3:20-21: Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Now I want to hear from you!

Have you or someone you loved ever experienced miraculous healing? Feel free to share your testimony in the comments below!

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  1. This was so encouraging. And I agree that it feels scary to say “yes” to God because it means we have to give up our illusions of control! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful testimony.

  2. Awesome blogpost. Thanks for sharing.

    I know that many Paleos are not Christian – I am not (actually I’m not really Paleo either :-), but I’m super duper spiritual, and I want to encourage you to share your faith, even if it means maybe being criticized. This blogpost really inspired me, and I’m sure, many others. Doesn’t matter if they are Christian or not – it’s still very inspirational. 🙂 God, as we understand Him/It, has no limits and can heal ANYTHING. I’ve seen it over and over again.

  3. I’m so grateful for all your healthy teaching and positive advice! I love that u really seem to care about all of us and talk to us simply like friends!! I also believe the Lord lead me have a special interest in your site though I don’t eat paleo and I didnt realize you were a Christian:)?! I’m happy I get ur emails and I enjoy what podcast I have heard!! I’m so glad to hear u know Jesus!! Keep drawing close to Him!! You are very brave to talk about the Lord in a paleo community:)!! Yes God can heal us I’m surprised u mentioned this:):)!! I believe He is concerned with our health and our hearts desires. He keeps His promises like this story! The Lord also wants us to listen to good advice if we need to stop…like bad eating habits that stop our periods too, that’s another way Jesus can choose to help us heal by wisdom, showing us the right way!:):) praise the Lord for His mercy and that we can eat real food and shock carbs:) and exercise and not starve ourselves and be happy and healthy!!! This is a healthy role model for girls! Then we can focus on serving Jesus and others and not negatively being obsessed with our weight and food!! Im so glad this couple had faith like Sarah and Abraham and God yet again fulfilled His promise amazingly becuase they trusted Him, this is encouraging!! I’m getting married in April to the man the Lord promised me I would marry in 2013 when he would barely look at me:)!! It took time and patience I barely had:) but God keeps His word!!!:) we hope to start a family someday, I know Jesus has promised us chilidren, and is able for us, even with my messed up cycle right now!! Thank u:):), be praying for you and ur hubby,
    Sincerely crystal:)
    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Thank you for sharing this!! I also had a miraculous healing of infertility, though I also many positive health changes paved the way…
    I began with gut issues, skin issues, and Hypothalamic Amennorhea in my teens. I took oral antibiotics, accutane, PPIs, and the pill (as I now know was a recipe for disaster). My period didn’t not come back off of the pill in my early twenties.
    Fertility doctors offered expensive treatments, but none had any concern over my many health issues at the time. We felt strongly that I needed to fix my body first. I went GF and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism…both of these helped, but I still did not get my period back and my hormones showed that I was not ovulating.
    So, during year seven of infertility, my husband and I put in to adopt through the foster care system. We received a call that we would get a placement of a 15 mo old boy in two weeks. We made all of the preparations and we were thrilled.
    During this time, we went to a prayer service at church. I asked for prayer because I still wasn’t feeling and knew I would need extra grace for become a mom to a toddler. Two women praying laid their hands on me and begin to pray that I would get pregnant. I was a little confused, since I had been asking that for 7 years, but figured, sure, why not?
    I honestly forgot about that night as we prepped for the little boy. We were called saying he would be brought to us that day, so we took off of work to prepare. Two hours later, they called to say the whole thing was off. He was not coming.
    I was truly devastated and grappled with my faith. This entire season shaped me into the Christian I am today. I constantly had to ask…”is God still good if….we never have kids, I never get healing, etc?”, and ultimately by growing in my knowledge of Him, I could always eventually say, “Yes Lord, you are good”.
    About two weeks later, I had gotten a new medication that was labeled “Do not take of pregnant” and since I still and HA, I decided the responsibile thing to do was take a test. It was positive!! I was in disbelief!! Ultimately, it was a healthy pregnancy. My son is now six. His name is Silas, and one of the meanings of his name is asked for. I did not get my period back after he was born, but I got pregnant again and he has a four year old sister name Jeanne, which means God is gracious.
    I also thankful for this season because first and foremost, I learned so much about The Lord, and because I learned so much about health and nutrition. My health has improved greatly and, finally, my period is back. There is so much more that I could share about this, but I hope this encourages someone!!
    Thank you Laura for offering people hope….both spiritually and physically! I know I firsthand there are many who need both!!

    1. That’s such an amazing story Kelly! Thank you for sharing that. I know your testimony will be helpful to other women struggling in this area.

    2. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I have been trying for babies for the past year and a half. Doctors have diagnosed me with azoospermia. However, I am hopeful God will make a way and my wife and I will achieve pregnancy. God is God all by Himself. In fact, I thank Him in advance for the miracle of my children. May Jehovah be praised.

  5. Lovely testimony. I’m 68 and long past periods however I do have some…female testimonies myself, ( I write about these in my soon to be published book) here is a very small story. I was 37 and we already had three children, but some strong inner urge was telling me I wanted a fourth child. After ‘trying’ for a few years decided three would be it then. In 1987 God directed me to go to a new Church. On that very first visit I sat next to a very pregnant lady. At the end of the service we got chatting and I said we had given up hoping for a fourth child. Immediately she put her hand in my head and prayed for a child. The next month I was expecting our fourth child. I immediately dedicated him to the Lord. Today he is 29, just starting a new adventure, living and working in Australia.

  6. I have three children with the help of fertility medications. My husband didn’t want anymore kids, but I was torn. I decided to give it to God. Any time my heart longed for a baby, I just prayed, “God, I pray your will be done in my life regarding another baby.” I am currently pregnant without trying and on our own for the first time in my life (at age 37!)!!! God is GREAT!

  7. As a woman who has been struggling with infertility for the last 6 years or so I completely understand and get so depressed. My biological clock is ticking and I’m reaching the age of 30 next year. I’ve had vivid dreams of a daughter and I grow impatient and I have tried 3 rounds of treatment. The doctors say I’m a medical mystery as to why I don’t ovulate. Our only option at this point is IVF which isn’t guaranteed and extremely expensive. I’ve given it to God in hopes that the great physician can heal me. I’ve given up on the doctors and I’ve looked up and I pray and pray and it feels like it falls on deaf ears. I feel defeated but I will never give up hope that if it’s God’s plan for me to have a child I will and I try my hardest to hold onto His promises and try to keep faith and hope.

    1. Kayla, Laura has a training that will walk you through her 4-Step protocol that will help you get your period back quickly… without taking the birth control pill!

      You’ll also learn why it’s SO important that you get your period back before ever trying to get pregnant (and DEFINITELY before using fertility treatments.)

      Check it out here: