A New Beginning (And A New Website!)

A bunch of my female friends and family have been having babies lately. In fact, my sister just gave birth to a son yesterday (hello auntie Laura status!)

And while I’m nowhere near having kids anytime soon, I have been working for 9+ months on creating a brand, spankin’ new website and brand, and today I’m finally “birthing” it out to the world!

Without further ado (or awkward birth puns…)

Welcome to the new LauraSchoenfeldRD.com!

Wondering what led me to this change?

I’ve been working under the old brand “Ancestralize Me” since 2011, and while I loved the work I did for that site, over the past year or so I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I didn’t feel like it was capturing the direction I was taking my business and work with clients. So I decided to re-brand under my name to keep things as open as possible.

While I’ll still continue to focus on ancestral health, evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes, Paleo(ish) nutrition recommendations, and more, I wanted the freedom to talk about other things that were important to me and my work with clients, and had just as much impact on health as diet and exercise.

Things like spirituality, mindset, social support, stress management practices, and more.

I decided that changing to a personal brand would allow me to share my wide range of passions with the world, and move on from just an “ancestral nutrition” focus.

And here we are! I’m so excited to have a new home for sharing these passions with you, my lovely readers!

I’m so glad you’re here with me, and I hope you’ll continue along for the ride as big changes come to my business and brand!

And if you have some thoughts about topics you’d like me to cover on this site, get in touch with me via my Contact page.

Thanks for being a part of my wonderful audience, I couldn’t do this without you!






PS – A HUGE thank you to my bestie Katelyn Read for the amazing photos and video she shot for the new site. It’s beyond amazing to have a friend who makes sure you look good on film. Love you gorgeous friend!!

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  1. Congratulations, Laura – you are an amazing health coach and I love your new website and I loved working with you. You helped me tremendously – all your tips and suggestions are always on the forefront of my mind in many of my decision and lifestyle practices!