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How Your Diet Helps You Achieve These 3 Popular Fitness Goals

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You may have heard some version of the saying “a fit body is made in the kitchen.”

While your training choices play a big role in your ability to accomplish your fitness or body composition goals, your diet is truly more important than you might realize.

Many women who train regularly (and successfully) stick to a specific nutrition plan to support their health and fitness goals. Those that don’t often don’t get the results they’re looking for.

After working with hundreds of active women, I’ve seen a few major themes come up when it comes to fitness or aesthetic goals that women want to achieve.

These are the three most popular training-related goals:

  1. Lose weight and/or body fat
  2. Increase muscle size or definition (“getting toned”)
  3. Improve performance

Depending on which of these goals you’re working towards, your diet choices will need to adjust significantly to help you reach that goal.

Let’s talk about each goal individually, and how to adjust your nutrition strategy to work towards each one successfully.


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