Save Your Life In 60 Days: An Interview with Jordan Reasoner

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I love writing about ancestral health and nutrition topics, but what I love even more is helping people solve their chronic health problems so that they can live a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

One of the major health issues that brings people to an ancestral lifestyle is something called leaky gut. Perhaps you’ve heard of this before, or maybe you’re new to the term. Maybe you’ve even been diagnosed with it recently or in the past. It’s becoming more and more common these days.

Either way, having leaky gut can cause a huge variety of mysterious and chronic health conditions, and making sure you’re taking the right steps to addressing your leaky gut is crucial for reducing and even eliminating the conditions it can cause.

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That’s why I’m really excited to have the opportunity to chat today with Jordan Reasoner, one of the co-creators of SCDLifestyle.com and the brand new Solving Leaky Gut program. I’m super excited about how many lives these guys are changing with this 60-day online program.

jordanIn this interview with Jordan, we talk about the reasons why he and Steve Wright created the Solving Leaky Gut program, who would benefit the most from using the program, testimonials about the health results have people seen from applying the knowledge they learned in Solving Leaky Gut, and the next steps to take if you think you might have leaky gut and want to learn more.

It was such a fun interview to record, and I think you’ll enjoy listening to it. I plan on recommending this program for years to come, and I can’t wait to see how many people improve their health after following the instructions outlined in their individual health plan.

If you have leaky gut, this program will save you so much time… days, weeks, months, or even YEARS of discomfort, frustration, pain, and overall unwellness.

And time is the one thing in your life that you can never get more of.

Ready To Learn More?

  1. Take the free 3-minute Leaky Gut Quiz to determine if you have this under-diagnosed condition
  2. Watch the free Webcast Replay with over an hour of Q&As to help you start making changes now
  3. Check out the Solving Leaky Gut program and get started on healing your gut!

Don’t miss this incredible bonus!

If you register and purchase the Solving Leaky Gut program through one of the links I’ve listed, I’ll give you a FREE 1-HOUR one-on-one Skype or phone consult to discuss your case and help you troubleshoot as you complete the program.

This free consult is worth $150, and it’s yours absolutely free if you use my links to purchase the program. I really want to help guide you towards better health, and I firmly believe that using this program will help you make significant, lasting improvements in your health, not just your gut but your whole body. Let’s work on this thing together!

If you’re ready to get started, click here to make your order. You can do your free 60-minute consult before you start, in the middle of the program, after the full 60 days, whenever you want! The consult will never expire.

This offer will expire though: I’m only providing this bonus to people who sign up for the program before May 19th, 2014 so don’t dilly dally! Make your purchase before May 19th or you’ll miss your chance to talk to me for free.

Read some of these amazing testimonials to see how Solving Leaky Gut is already changing lives:

“I’ve worked with both medical and alternative doctors, as well as health care practitioners concerning my autoimmunity. What interested me most about the Solving Leaky Gut course, was that I was looking for something with greater details and information on exactly how to go about solving my leaky gut. Not only diet, but supplements, details about constipation and infections, and where to troubleshoot when diet has not been enough. The Solving Leaky Gut section on constipation helped me immensely. I understand the importance of having your elimination working consistently, especially when you are trying to heal. I am a tough case, so I know my health challenges that I have been dealing with will not disappear overnight; however, one really great thing that I have noticed is that I have greater enduring energy. In fact, I was so excited because my daughter and I went on a long walking trail outdoors. I walked with her at a pace and with a strength as if I were a healthy person!” – Michelle

“I’m a student practitioner-nutritional therapist. I joined the “Solving Leaky Gut” program because I wanted more information about my digestive problems – both for personal and professional reasons. I found the list of supplements presented by Dr.Tom O’Bryan useful. I’ve also been picking and mixing what works for me, and it evolves as I discover more. It’s been a gradual lessening of symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, gas, insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, rashes and brain fog. One other clear improvement was I used to get strong cramps in the early morning and now they have gone!” – Tom

“I purchased Solving Leaky Gut to help solve my digestive problems. I’ve tried a gluten-free, lactose-free and a sugar-free diet, as well as probiotics before, none of which worked. The custom roadmap quiz and the food charts helped me customize my dietary protocol. The results speak for themselves. My digestion has improved a lot, my stools transformed from urgent 6s on the Bristol Stool Scale, to non-urgent 4s. I have fewer migraines, less anxiety, and noticeably less brain-fog. I’ve lost 10 lbs and have way more energy, making me feel like I can relish life in a way that I had forgotten was possible. Not only that, but everyone says I look amazing! Thanks for everything, you guys are fantastic!!” – Anonymous

Solve your leaky gut now, and start living a healthier life today!

Note: I can only offer this free one-on-one consult to those people whose names and email addresses  appear in my affiliate ledger. If you have registered with another person’s link (e.g. Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson), it will be unlikely that your name will show up in my register, and in that case I can’t do a free consult with you. I do earn a commission from advertising this program, however I’m using that commission to offer a free service to those who buy the program using one of my links. I want to pay it forward to those of you who take this big step towards solving your chronic health conditions! 

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