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The Dirt

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a new line of Paleo personal care products called The Dirt, which right now includes a tooth powder and lip balm made from the highest quality natural ingredients specially formulated to work with your body in very specific ways. The products are non-irritating, and Gluten, Grain, Soy, and Corn Free. The tooth powder is fluoride free as well.

The balm is super moisturizing, and the tooth powder is formulated to boost your teeth’s natural re-mineralization process. It was strange at first brushing with a powder (and it can get a bit messy!) but I felt that the powder gave my teeth a good clean and left my mouth tasting like cinnamon!

I wanted to ask Shannon Drake, the founder of The Dirt, a few questions to learn more about her company and her products.

How did you get started on a Paleo lifestyle?
Not in the usual manner actually! While I was finishing my degree at OTIS I had to make up a science class so I took a much more affordable course at LA City College, Biological Anthropology my teacher was amazing, he was probably 37 and had a head full of blonde dreads, he spent every summer in the jungle of Africa. One day he started to discuss diet and how we have become more gracile and weak since agriculture, that lead into a two hour discussion of a thing called the “paleo diet”. I was so excited about this new idea I made the professor a paleo cake for his birthday, that was in 2008. By early 2012 I was 100% paleo 90% of the time.
What inspired you to start your Paleo cosmetics company?
I’ve always been a nut for natural products, especially ones that smell good! I was a huge fan of lush for many years but as my standards for my lifestyle increased I found many of my formerly favorite products didn’t make the cut anymore. You would be surprised how many natural products use soy and corn products! The few I found that fit my requirements didn’t work well so I started ‘The Dirt’ to solve my own problem!
How did you come up with your formula for the tooth powder and balm?
I’ll give you the short version of the story, both were inspired by my own need. I have horribly dry lips due to genetics and a bad sunburn. I tried everything from straight petroleum, natural balms to expensive cosmetics. They all made my lips feel better but as soon as they wore off my lips were dry again. I studied natural beauty secrets from around the globe, combined them with paleo principals and created a balm that kicks butt!
The toothpowder came about after a trip to the dentist, i was warned that I had a “soft spot” on one of my teeth. That night I did a little bit of googling to see what I could do to stop the decay. I came across article talking about how glycerine in toothpaste coats your teeth like plastic wrap and promotes decay by blocking the natural absorption of calcium and phosphorous into your enamel. Much research and many blends later I formulated ‘The Dirt’ toothpowder. I have been using it for a year and am cavity free. On my last visit to my dentist the hygienist commended my oral care and even asked me what I do! I gave a jar of the toothpowder to my dentist and he LOVED it! That really made my day!
My teeth after using The Dirt toothpowder... pretty clean!

My teeth after using The Dirt toothpowder… pretty clean!

Who should try “The Dirt” products?
I challenge paleo dieters to take their consciousness to the next level but also anyone who is concerned about chemicals and irritants in their personal care products.I really encourage everyone to go clean with their personal care since your skin absorbs so much of what it comes in contact with. Also we wash so many chemicals into the ocean through our personal care habits! Do it for the fishes!

What are the next products you’re planning on developing?

I’m working on an amazing face serum that is extremely nourishing and smells divine! Also an under eye serum for dark circles and general care. Finally a deodorant, which funny enough is giving me the most trouble! It’s hard to get smell, effectiveness and texture all correct. (Any input from your readers on deodorant preferences is appreciated!) I just completed a natural perfumery course with a rather renowned aroma therapist so my new products will be even more awesome!

If you’d like to try out The Dirt products, my readers get 20% off their first purchase online using the following coupon code (Code expires 10/31/13): 



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