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Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Podcast – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 55

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What a year it has been! I launched this podcast one year ago and so much has happened since. 2020 certainly has gone differently than any of us could have expected. Since I launched this show, my life and business have taken some unexpected turns as well. This episode is to give you a peek into the last year for me, this podcast, and my business.



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My New Focus

Over the last year, my focus for this podcast has shifted somewhat. The main focus remains centered on evidence-based health strategies that also include mindset and spirituality. However, I’ve found that topics related to business have repeatedly come up. In recent months, I’ve come to better understand the importance of getting really clear on my business’ mission and niche. I was torn between focusing on my health business or business coaching. In a year of people pivoting their businesses, I realized that I could shift my own approach to help other nutritionists grow and scale an online business, while also continuing to support my greater mission of making the world a more wholly healthy place, for women in particular.


What’s Next For This Podcast

Just because I shifted my business does not mean I want to stop talking about health! That’s why this podcast will remain focused on topics related to nutrition and healthy living, so you can improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I’ll still include some topics related to business because I’m so passionate about helping others build the business of their dreams. However, I also see this show as a way for amazing practitioners to share the topics that they’re passionate about and spread their knowledge and wisdom to as many people as possible.

How are flexibility and structure both important in your life? Leave a comment below! 


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  • Takeaways from my mastermind group [2:29]
  • How my approach to business has shifted to one of more clarity [8:40]
  • Launching my new program: The Nutrition Business Accelerator [21:51]
  • What’s next for this podcast [31:00]
  • Living at the intersection of flexibility and structure [36:30]



“I’ve realized that not getting clear on my niche and not having a specific problem that I was solving for clients was preventing me from taking my business to the level that it could go to.” [11:33]

“As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for opportunities rather than problems. I like to help people solve problems and I like to help them see opportunities.” [16:30]

“Something that we have to learn as humans is the ability to combine planning, process, and strategy – all of the structure that we want to put into our lives – we have to learn to combine that with flexibility and adaptability.”  [37:16]



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