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10 Things I Believe About Health

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Lately I’ve been exploring my own personal philosophy about food and nutrition, and the overall role of health in leading happy, productive, meaningful lives.

Based on this soul searching, I can tell you 10 things I believe to be true about health.

1. Your health, and your body in general, is NOT your greatest asset. God created us to be so much more than a physical body, and the health of your spirit is far more important than your physical health will ever be.

2. Shame is a terrible motivator and it’s completely unacceptable to try to shame anyone into behavior change, not least of all yourself.

3. It’s perfectly okay to work towards a weight loss goal. There are healthy, safe ways to optimize your personal body composition, and it’s not wrong to work towards an aesthetic goal.

4. Most of the health and nutrition information women consume is total garbage, and often does more harm than good. I most often see overtraining and undereating but there are many ways inaccurate nutrition info can cause harm.

5. Food is meant to be enjoyed and savored, but not meant to be an emotional or spiritual band-aid when we’re feeling anxious or sad. It’ll never be a replacement for the only One who can truly soothe our restless souls.

6. You were designed for a purpose, and your health and lifestyle choices should primarily be a means to pursue that purpose effectively. Your body is a gift and a tool to be stewarded, not a shrine to be idolized and worshipped.

7. It is 100% possible to live a healthy, active life and still choose to eat dessert and skip the gym now and then. Developing consistent, sustainable habits is far better than trying to be perfect.

8. God tells us to “honor Him with our bodies” and that mindset will serve us incredibly well when making dozens of decisions about our lifestyle choices.

9. Lifting heavy weights is incredibly empowering and I honestly believe everyone should do it, no matter their age or physical capacity.

10. You are a worthy, valuable, and loved person regardless of the decisions you make around pursuing health. Any health habits you pursue must always come from a place of self respect and self love.

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  1. This is an amazing article… thank you for sharing your thoughts that are completely based on ideas from the most important book ever written, the Bible!
    Being healthy should not be so hard to figure out. I believe we should take care of our bodies as God says but we shouldn’t make them our idols.