Anti-Racism for Christians w/ Dr. George Yancey – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 42

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How can you approach and learn about racism while maintaining your conservative Christian values? I’ve invited Dr. George Yancey, Ph.D. on Fed and Fearless to discuss this topic.



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About Dr. George YancEy, Ph.D.

Dr. George Yancey is a Professor of the Institute for Studies of Religion and Sociology at Baylor University. He has published several research articles on the topics of institutional racial diversity, racial identity, atheists, cultural progressives, academic bias, and anti-Christian hostility.

His books include Compromising Scholarship (Baylor University Press) a book that explores religious and political biases in academia, So Many Christians, So Few Lions, a book that assesses Christianophobia in the United States, Beyond Racial Gridlock, a Christian book which articulates a mutual obligations approach to racial issues, and, with Michael Emerson, Transcending Racial Barriers, an academic book that articulates a mutual obligations approach. He is currently working on research contrasting conservative and progressive Christians.


About This Episode

I’ve invited Dr. George Yancey on the Fed and Fearless podcast to talk about how Christians can approach and learn more about racism in America. We discuss the four main secular theories that drive people’s beliefs around racism: colorblindness, Anglo-conformity, multiculturalism, and White responsibility.

George presents an alternative approach to these four secular frameworks that he calls Mutual Responsibility. It’s a Christian-based approach whereby we recognize that people of all races have a sin nature that must be accounted for.

This means that everyone has an obligation to work toward healthy interracial communications to solve racial problems. His vision offers hope that people of all races can walk together on a shared path – not as adversaries, but as partners.

George shares some practical ways conservative Christians can approach racism while staying aligned with their beliefs. And overall, we need to be more open to listening to people from different backgrounds to us. Because it’s only through active listening and having open conversations that we can begin to move forward and solve our nation’s problems.

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In This Episode

  • How you can be upholding systemic racism without being a racist yourself
  • What “white privilege” is and whether or not it has a place in our conversations about race
  • How our government food recommendations come from an Anglo-conformity worldview
  • What racism can look like in our modern society
  • Why your intentions don’t negate the impact of what you say
  • How white Christians can engage in a mutual responsibility approach to racism
  • Why we need to actively listen to people from a different background in order to move forward and solve the nation’s problems



“If we really care as a culture about everybody’s health, then we need to look at how somebody’s ethnicity affects their needs when it comes to health and diet.” (31:34)

“If someone’s going to critique something like critical race theory, then you have to at least read what it’s about and not just hear from, for example, your uncle what he thought about it.” (39:38)

“I think that the solution is in a collaboration with one another to find solutions that we can all agree with. I call them Way-To-Win Solutions.” (50:54)


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Read Shattering Paradigms, George’s Blog

Watch Dr. Yancey’s video: A Christian Approach to Moving Beyond Racial Gridlock: An Alternative to Secular “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” Ideologies

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