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The Unexpected Benefits of Getting Your Period Back

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Last year, one of my awesome clients Sami submitted an (unsolicited) review of the work we did together.

It was so great to see the transformation she had made in just a few months!

Even though Sami looked like a perfectly healthy and happy young woman on the outside, on the inside she knew something was wrong.

And all the work she was putting into making her body look healthy was leaving her feeling pretty crummy.

Not to mention, she wasn’t menstruating, and even though her doctor suggested she use birth control to “solve” that problem, she knew there had to be a better way.

And guess what – we found a better way than she had ever dreamed up!

But I’ll let Sami talk about it in her own words…
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Sami’s Story

Sami B.

“Before I began working with Laura, I struggled severely with body image and under eating.

Some of the things that I was experiencing to make me realize something was wrong were mood swings, feeling lethargic, not having my period, constipation, and probably lots of other things I was never aware of.

I had been obsessing over everything I ate in order to get the “perfect body”. Even though I knew I needed to change, I was terrified because I had no idea where to begin. Laura knew all the questions to ask and things to say. I was able to trust her immediately.

After three months of working with her, we were able to meet all three goals that we set: get back my period, fix the constipation, and clear up the acne on my face. 

The best of these was getting my period back. It’s always nerve-wracking when you are missing a vital part of your womanhood.

I learned so much from Laura about my period and all the things that affect it. She gave me information I never even knew I needed so that I could make an informed decision about my reproductive health. 

I have never been on the Pill, except for a short stint when I lost my period and the gynecologist prescribed the Pill. During that time, I noticed a significant difference in how I felt (depressed and unmotivated), so I stopped taking in immediately and knew I never wanted to do that again. 

When I discovered there was a 100% natural and effective way to prevent pregnancy, it was like a whole new world had been opened up to me! Seriously, it is such an amazing feeling. I learned things about my body that I never would have imagined.

To anyone considering being Laura’s client, whether for nutrition or for period health, IT IS SO WORTH IT! I recommend it 100% because it will literally change your life and give you so much power.

Gaining the knowledge that she is able to give and having her support and encouragement will open many doors for you in lots of aspects of your life! She changed my life, and I know she can do the same for you! :)” – Sami B.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Listen, I understand that your issues might not be the same as Sami’s. Maybe you don’t have disordered eating habits, acne, or gut issues.

But maybe you have hypothyroid symptoms, or mood swings, or a low sex drive, or poor performance at the gym.

(And I’m pretty sure if you’ve read this far that you’re at least concerned about an irregular or missing period.)

Based on working with hundreds of clients, I know that if some basic, essential nutrition and lifestyle issues aren’t resolved NOW…. the symptoms of low hormones keep compounding.

And your missing period isn’t going to come back magically… without figuring out WHY your body isn’t functioning normally.

Either way, when you take action and finally get to the root of your amenorrhea, so much more than your hormonal health can change.

For Sami it led to great energy, clear skin, stable moods, and newfound amazement of her body’s ability to function at its best.


If you want to achieve these kinds of results, you need to block off about 60 minutes and watch my new free training.

In it, you’ll learn the 4 biggest mistakes I see women making when trying to get their period back, and my 4-step protocol for holistic and effective regular period recovery.

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I know this webinar will give you at least one action step that will get you closer to getting your period back and living the life you were meant to lead. (Just like Sami!)

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