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Body Acceptance and Body Change with Rachel Rae Garmon – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 26

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In a world with so much fear or emphasis surrounding weight loss and diet culture, it’s hard to know what information is the “right” information. I’m joined by Rachel Rae Garmon to talk about the balance we can achieve between body acceptance and body change.



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about Rachel Rae Garmon

Rachel is a communicator and educator working on her second (yes, second: her first is in communications!) Masters degree in clinical mental health counseling. Rachel is exploring the diet industry, body image, and how we can find that sought-after healthy balance.

People tend to focus on either weight loss for everyone or the body positivity movement. Rachel thinks it’s a personal decision to make. It’s important to consider the reason and motivation behind why someone wants to lose weight.

Rachel talks us through how we can start to reframe our mindset so we’re less focused on our body. Rachel doesn’t believe that all weight loss is bad. She believes there are ways to approach losing weight that can be healthy and in line with your core values. 

We need to redefine the words we use. “Diet” has such a negative connotation when in reality, it’s simply the foods you consume on a daily basis. We both agree that there needs to be a cultural reeducation around the language used in the health, wellness, fitness, and diet industries as a whole.

How can you reframe your mindset surrounding your body and your weight loss goals? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • Why wanting to lose weight is an individual decision to make
  • Why you need to explore the reasoning behind why you want to lose weight
  • How to reframe your mindset to be less focused on your body
  • The best way to work out for health and body recomposition
  • Why saying “weight loss is bad” is not the answer
  • Why we should redefine the words we use when talking about diet
  • How we can reeducate our culture on what the meaning of “diet” actually is



“What is the make-up of everything that’s going on, what is the person experiencing? It’s just not as simple as no one can ever want to lose weight or change their body. And it’s not as simple as weight loss equals health. Because neither of those are correct.” (13:36)

“People need to recognize that their mental state is impacting their physiological state. The body holds onto things and remembers things that our minds tuck away.” (26:22)

“People are going to disagree that you can never change your body from a healthy state. I don’t think that is correct. I think some people can. I think it depends on what’s at the core and why are they doing it.”  (28:28)

“What’s the best for this person that’s sitting in front of us and what do they need to really find healing and get to where they are going to feel good in their body?” (1:02:38)



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