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Body Image Lies and Truths with Jessica Hottle – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 36

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When you include God in your fitness life, journey, and career, you are honoring your body, soul, and spirit and surrounding yourself with love and truth. I’m joined by Jessica Hottle to talk about why she includes God and worship as a fitness coach and how walking in His love has changed her life.



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About Jessica Hottle

Jessica is a fitness motivator and coach, Jesus follower, and speaker. She doesn’t follow rules, restrictions, or religious duties. She’s about God first, freedom living, authenticity, and integrity. Jessica is a #1 best-selling author who’s written 3 books: Know Your Worth, A Worthy Wife, and Own Your Worth.

Jessica doesn’t believe in following the Instagram rhetoric that emphasizes showing off your booty to get views and followers. (Neither of us does this and yet we’re both successful within the health and fitness industry.) It’s about changing the standard – and about getting our approval from God.

When Jessica accepted God as part of her fitness career and journey, her life completely changed. Having that relationship with God in every part of her life brought her into full loving alignment. For Jessica, the ultimate goal is in that living love space.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the importance of self-love. Don’t get us wrong, self-love is something you should be practicing. But Jessica explains how self-love can lead to self-sabotage and what you can do to avoid this.

Jessica explains how she approaches life from a place of delight. Having a heart full of joy and love makes seeing the world and responding to situations easier to manage. Delight brings a feeling of lightness to you that will help determine your impact in the world.

One of the key reasons I asked Jessica to come on the show is because of her relationship with God and fitness. Jessica says that you should dedicate your workouts to God and explains how you can do this. When you move your body, your spirit and soul move closer to God.

What are the qualities of love that God defines? Are you operating out of those towards yourself and towards others? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • Why women don’t need to show off their bodies to be successful in the fitness industry
  • How your life changes when you encounter God’s love for yourself
  • How to renew your mind when it comes to your health goals
  • When “self-love” leads to self-sabotage
  • Why you should approach life from a place of delight
  • What happens in your spirit and soul when you move your body in a healthy way
  • Simple strategies to turn your exercise into a practice that gets you closer to God



“I had to stop blaming people for my life and situations, for things that I was going through, and start to look at my responsibility in the situation, as well, and how I was putting myself out there.” (13:51)

“When scripture tells us to renew our mind, it never tells us to follow our heart. It always tells us to focus on the thoughts that we think, to renew our mind. I always tell women: It’s renew, reframe, and nurture. So you have to nurture the truth.” (23:13) 

“I want to see women set free from these lies. When I was set free, it feels really uncomfortable at first because the lie and the truth are always in opposition. So it’s always full of tension. But when we start to see and get a revelation of what God’s truth really is, that is transforming.” (49:31)



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