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Building Body Trust with PCOS with Isabel Garza, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 72

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At least ten percent of women have PCOS. Yet, there is very little information out there for handling the symptoms and managing this condition. Many doctors and even dietitians will just tell you to go on the pill and avoid carbs. Through her own experience, today’s guest has some advice to share about how to truly address PCOS for the long run.



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About Isabel Garza

Isabel is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Woman Wise Nutrition. She specializes in working with women with PCOS and integrates functional medicine strategies with principles of body-trust so that they can eliminate hormone-related symptoms and become the expert of their own bodies.

Isabel is passionate about helping women challenge their fears around food while learning to honor their bodies through a gentle approach to their nutrition and lifestyle. She strives to empower women with a deeper understanding of their health so that they can ultimately live their life of purpose.

Understanding the Impact of PCOS

Isabel explains how PCOS affects nearly the whole body, not just the ovaries as its name might suggest. From adrenals to neurotransmitters, PCOS can have a considerable impact. As a result, there are some serious symptoms that come with this condition. These can often lead women to have a disconnect with their bodies, which only results in even worse symptoms. Isabel describes how she helps her patients overcome this by emphasizing a stronger connection with the body.


An Informed and Empathetic Approach to PCOS

Combining intuitive eating with functional medicine, Isabel focuses her approach on building body-trust. This means reconnecting with your body, understanding the messages it is trying to tell, and responding appropriately. With this approach, women can move beyond just the physiological aspects of PCOS and examine how it affects mental and emotional states as well.

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  • Doing the work necessary to address PCOS [5:15]
  • Why PCOS affects much more than your ovaries [10:05] 
  • Why women with PCOS often have a disconnect with their bodies [15:20]
  • How intuitive eating and functional medicine can work in tandem to help give women relief from their symptoms [17:50]
  • Red flags that disordered eating is an issue [23:00]
  • Developing trust between yourself and your body [33:30]
  • The foundations of establishing body-trust [37:24]
  • The biggest mistake women make when addressing their PCOS [48:00]



“There is hope. Even with this chronic illness, you don’t need to experience symptoms day to day.” [8:46]

“We can’t hate a body that we’re trying to heal. If we’re trying to wrestle it and fight it, then that’s only going to cause more symptoms.” [16:43]

“Health is not the destination. It’s the vehicle for everything else in your life; for you to build relationships, fulfill your purpose, to speak the greater things that actually ground you in this life.” [20:43]

“Diet – your nutrition – can be very powerful. When people can approach it from a place of empowerment and nourishing their body and not this hard-fast rule that they need to stick to or else, then usually it creates a lot of freedom.” [44:21]



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5 Mistakes Holding You Back from Overcoming PCOS

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