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My Core Values: Integrity, Freedom, and a Diverse Community – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 58

My Core Values: Integrity, Freedom, and a Diverse Community
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The recent elections in The United States have brought a lot up to the surface. It’s highlighted my values as well as those of many others. This week, I’m taking some time to talk directly to you about my company’s (and my personal) core values and whether or not my podcast is the right show for you.



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Unpacking the Election

This episode is going to be different. I want to talk about the reaction that I’m seeing on social media in the wake of the recent elections. The way that people are responding to the election results has been very telling about how they feel about other people.

In my opinion? Diversity is an asset, not a liability. It makes my business and my message stronger to welcome all voices.

Strength in Different Opinions

That being said, as many of you know, I am a Christian. My faith guides many (if not all) of my core values, and I tend to have a more conservative viewpoint about a lot of political questions.

I know that some of my beliefs are not well-received by others. But my morality is guided by my faith.

I understand that many hold different views. That’s okay. In fact, I WANT my audience and my clients to be open to all.

Anyone is welcome to my community who values diversity of thought and sees the importance of having their own convictions.


Is this the Podcast for You?

This is all to say that I really value your presence here. Your beliefs, political-affiliation, and personal identity are all welcome.

We don’t have to convince each other to believe the same thing to have a relationship.

And I believe in helping all people, but not in a way that sacrifices me to sacrifice my own personal convictions.

I’m here to help you live a more purpose-driven life, whether you’re a nutrition entrepreneur or someone that just wants to be healthier and happier. I hope this episode can help you understand my values and help you decide if I’m the person you want to learn from now and in the future.

What has the election shown you about your beliefs and convictions? Leave a comment below! 


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  • Takeaways from the reaction to the election [2:40]
  • Understanding that people are guided by various belief systems [7:04]
  • Why we don’t need to share beliefs to have a positive relationship [11:45]
  • My company’s 7 core values [20:00]



“I think that the way a person reacts to the election says more about them than the person they voted for.” [5:30]

“I believe that the vast majority of all Americans do really want what’s best for our nation and they want what’s best for people of all colors, genders, belief systems, and viewpoints. I’m choosing to hold onto that belief and welcome anyone into my community who desires diversity of thought and respectful dialogue.” [11:16]

“Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. And that’s what makes our country great – that freedom to think differently, to have different opinions, to have respectful dialogue.” [26:43]



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