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Emotional Freedom Techniques with Stacy Claxton – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 41

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Tapping is a technique that helps you find emotional and physical freedom so you can get back into your true flow – something we all strive to find! I’m joined by Stacy Claxton, an integrative health practitioner, to talk about how to release trauma and increase joy using tapping.



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About Stacy Claxton

Stacy Claxton is a transformational coach and integrative health practitioner who helps stuck people find freedom and flow. She guides growth seekers, heart-centered healers, and embodied leaders through their biggest physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, professional, and financial blocks to discover their boundless inner power. She adds the missing piece most mindset trainers and coaches neglect: body-centered tools to rewire the nervous system for lasting change.

Her practice blends ancient and modern modalities, including Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatic work, trauma healing, prenatal and postpartum care, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), and more.

An educator and entrepreneur, Stacy combines private client work with writing, speaking, facilitating small groups, and leading live transformational events. She strives to bring heart-centered, whole-person healing to a hurting, head-driven world.


About EFT (Tapping)

Stacy shares how she turned to Eastern treatments and techniques after suffering from chronic migraines. This discovery had such a positive impact on her health that she knew she had to learn more about it. 

Stacy explains how trauma impacts your health and mindset. She also normalizes trauma – because everyone has something from their past they need to work through. Many people have trauma from their childhood, even if they don’t realize it, that they should work through by doing the inner work.

Stacy talks about Emotional Freedom Techniques, such as tapping, and how these Eastern traditions help you connect with and then release your trauma. EFT (tapping) is easy to learn and something you can do anywhere, so you can test out this coping method right away.

Stacy explains how to tap before walking us through a simple tapping exercise that will help you start letting go of your fears. I found this session beneficial already and will definitely try it again. She also talks about how tapping lets you tune into your body and aid you in making positive changes to your health and fitness goals – like reducing overeating and encouraging exercising!

Have you ever tried tapping before? Do you find it an easy and beneficial technique you’ve added to your life? Let me know in the comments on the episode page!


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  • How Eastern treatments and techniques can have a different and positive impact on your health
  • How trauma affects a person’s health and mindset
  • How inner work will help you recover from the childhood trauma that everyone has
  • The impact trauma has on our personality
  • Where we hold onto our trauma in our bodies
  • What Emotional Freedom Techniques are 
  • How you can use EFT (tapping) in your own life
  • The scientific benefits of tapping
  • A simple tapping technique you can do right now to start alleviating your fears
  • How tapping helps you tune into your body and make positive changes to your health and fitness goals



“Trauma changes the brain. It changes not only how we think and what we think about but our very ability to at all.” (21:20)

“Trauma is an issue of safety. When we don’t feel safe in our bodies, we don’t feel safe in our environment, that triggers our stress response that causes us to disconnect.” (28:17)

“We don’t want to assign value judgment to our experience. Our emotions and sensations aren’t bad or negative, they’re simply clueing us into some core truth about our embodied experience as human beings in the world and all have their place in the tapping process.” (38:58)



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