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Episode 15: Is Your Diet Worth Getting Stressed About?

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Today we’re talking about one of our favorite topics: stress and restrictive diets. Laura and Kelsey both work with clients all the time that are doing more harm than good to their health by trying to eat the “perfect” diet, and we’re hoping that this podcast episode will inspire you to re-evaluate your current dietary approach and determine if you need to be less restrictive or reintroduce new foods that you’ve been avoiding.

We could talk about this topic forever, but we want to hear from YOU! So leave your comments below and share your story!

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Here’s what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode:

  1. Paleo is very restrictive and if you start listening to all the experts like Chris Kresser etc you really risk to go nuts unless you live a life with lots of free time to make everything on your own and to not just eat salads every day.
    I have been trying to follow advice on what is “right” and “bad” , making lots of homemade food, paying attention to this and that, but that’s not always possible for normal people with an 8hr job and a family. I believe the risk is to get stressed out like I did and in the end we know that stress is part of the “bad” list. So how important is finding balance in your life, even incorporating some of the bad’s in order to reduce stress from your life?

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  1. Hi Kelsey,
    This question is directed to both you and Laura. Are you giving advice as RD’s, or as nutritionists? I really love your show and am in school to become an RD myself, but I am trying to determine whether your advice is research driven. In other words, If you were seeing patients at a hospital and gave them the advice you give on your podcast, would you get into trouble? I only ask because I love your advice, but want to work in a hospital one day and see you two as teachers to me in some way. I have to make sure that I know how to differentiate between researched based evidence and non-researched advice.
    Thank you,
    Herta in sunny CA

    1. Hi Herta! The topics we discuss on the show are considered “general advice” which is different than advice given to a patient for his or her specific health problems.

      Much of the recommendations we make to patients are evidence based, and some are based on clinical experience of doctors, NPs, and dietitians who have been in the field of integrative nutrition for many years.

      That said, I don’t know if you’d be able to give this same advice in a hospital setting, unfortunately. There are a lot of policies that govern the treatment of patients at a hospital, and most hospitals follow the guidelines of the AND, AHA, and ADA, even if those guidelines are based on flawed or outdated evidence. That’s why we both work in private practice, so that we can give the best advice we possibly can based on the latest research and clinical evidence without worrying if our superiors will take issue with our nutritional philosophies.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Laura and Kelsey–

    This episode was amazing and went right to where I am right now, and have been for too long. Thank you. So many points you made during this episode were exactly me, and it was good to know that there is understanding of this situation by other people. I’m one of those GI-dysfunctional people doing SCD, auto-immune, + can’t tolerate FODMAPs, + can’t tolerate seemingly anything. It is true food is my enemy, and I know this is also probably making things worse for me with having these negative feelings every time I eat. Plus I know I’m not getting all the calories my body needs. Especially if I need to heal. Sigh. And I need more carbs because my female system has collapsed. But I am also scared of carbs. And scared of any food. And trying to be perfectly healthy in all I do and consume because my health is failing. But I know this backfires as you say by becoming obsessed/stressed. Ha- I’ll stop going on and repeating the episode. Just wanted you to know I appreciated it. And appreciate how you two share so honestly about yourselves.

    1. Hi Kat – so sorry to hear that you’re struggling but hopefully some of what we talked in the podcast will be helpful for you! Glad you found it to be worth the listen!