The Grey Area of Fat Loss Goals with Lucia Hawley, NTP – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 23

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With all the stigma surrounding diet culture and ethics, it can be difficult to know if or how to approach weight loss. Whether that’s with you or with your clients. Luckily, there are coaches out there like Lucia Hawley who take an ethical and liberating approach to healthy, sustainable, and long-term weight loss.



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healthy fat loss

Lucia explains how she works on more than just mindset to help women reach weight loss success. She also looks at their underlying health problems, helps them disconnect from diet culture, and teaches them to reframe previously held beliefs.

The best tip Lucia has for sustainable weight loss is consistency. Even if there might be periods where following diet principles doesn’t align with your personal values.

Lucia encourages her clients to reframe their mindset around setting and reaching the goals they want. When they do this, they’re more likely to be successful. This approach can be useful for more than just weight loss goals as well!

Lucia is also a big proponent of noticing our self-talk. She helps her clients reframe how they think about what they want and what they’re doing. By practicing helpful self-talk, we can better understand why we’re acting and reacting the way we are.

It’s true, restrictive diets appeal to people for so many reasons. Part of it is that “shiny, new toy” syndrome that so many of us experience. Combined with the initial response in weight loss by our body, it can be addicting. But this result is unlikely to last long-term unless we change our mindset about health, wellbeing, and weight-loss.

Lucia says we need to treat ourselves the way we treat other people, with love and compassion, rather than criticism. When we start treating ourselves kindly, we can find other motivators for weight loss. Because let’s face it… shame is not a sustainable or effective weight-loss tactic.

What kind of decisions and habits can you make today that will allow you to reach your goals? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • Why solely doing mindset work might not solve what’s going on in your body (especially if you have a gut problem)
  • How you can truly disconnect from diet culture without giving up your health and weight loss goals
  • Why you should focus on consistency when it comes to losing weight
  • How you can reframe your mindset around setting and reaching your goals for maximum success
  • What “self-talk” is and how we can reframe the way we think about what we want
  • Why restrictive diets appeal to so many people
  • What happens when you treat yourself with the love and compassion you show other people
  • Other motivators you can use to start losing weight



“For people who are starting to step out of being immersed in diet culture without consent, it’s just this world we’ve grown up in and when we’re stepping out of it, I think we have to make space to have conversations around things like fat loss, body image, and body composition without feeling like we have to swing from one extreme to another.” (21:14)

“No matter what we do – period – in business and in life, our actions are always going to trigger other people. It’s up to them whether they want to share that with us.” (29:34)

“Self-talk in terms of appetite, to me, just means that we have to recognize the stories we’re telling ourselves, respect the fact where those come from, and then hold our own hands.” (46:38)

“Once you have the gameplan, it’s about being present with experiences and trusting the process.” (55:54)



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