Macros Made Easy with Emily Field, RD [Best of The Podcast] – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 142

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Intuitive eating, ditching diets, tracking your food… the nutrition world can feel so controversial these days. But it doesn’t have to be! I’m joined by Emily Field RD, who is an expert in all things macronutrients, to talk about how eating your macros can completely change your approach to food and nutrition for the better.



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About Emily Field, RD

Emily Field is a dietitian who teaches women to eat a balanced diet using a macros approach. This lets women break up with nonsense food rules and ditch depriving diets for good while still working towards their goals.

What Macronutrients Can Do For You

First, Emily explains what macronutrients are and what role they have in your body. She describes how understanding macros help you determine how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates you need to eat for your unique body every day.

Emily believes that when you’re focusing primarily on your macronutrients, you have more control over the food you’re eating. Eating your macros means that pizza and chocolate are no longer off the menu, so long as they fit in your daily ranges. This approach to flexible dieting actually gives you more food freedom than other forms of dieting.

Many of the women Emily works with fall into an “all-or-nothing” approach when it comes to dieting. However, you don’t have to be eating your macros perfectly in order to make good progress towards your goals. In fact, Emily says that when you first start eating your macros, you’re probably not going to hit them at all – and that’s actually not a problem.


Finding Success Without the Scale

Emily helps her clients understand how to set goals that aren’t dependent on the scale. Rather than only being about a number, success can be how you’re feeling, how your body moves, how your health conditions have improved, and how your body looks or fits into clothes.

And as great as macro-counting can be, there are some people who shouldn’t focus on a macronutrient approach to eating. Whether you are recovering from an eating disorder or you have an underlying health condition that needs more specific dietetic advice, this approach isn’t for everyone. However, it can still make a meaningful difference for many of us!

Are you ready to ditch arbitrary diets and learn more about eating to meet your macros? Do you have any other questions about macronutrients? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • How understanding macronutrients help you know how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates are right for you [11:50]
  • How flexible dieting can help you lead to more food freedom and eating intuitively for your needs [20:12]
  • How eating to your macros can give you more confidence in what you’re eating [24:45]
  • Why you don’t have to panic if you’re not eating your macros perfectly [27:25]
  • How you can measure success beyond the scale [31:00]
  • Who shouldn’t track their macros and why [37:30]
  • Why you should limit the number of nutrition guidelines you’re trying to follow [44:50]



“My practice is built on the fact that I want to teach people the skill of tracking macros. It is a skill. It’s not a diet, it’s not a program. It is a skill that you learn so that you can be in the power position to influence your body the way that you want.” (17:42)

“You will find out very quickly if you’re tracking macros that you cannot fit pizza and Pop-Tarts and ice cream and all this stuff into your diet 100% of the time, but the fact that you can make friends with those foods and work them in when you want to is really powerful for a lot of people.” (27:06)

“This is a tool to help you learn how much you need to eat to support your body, not a weight loss mechanism. If we can just shift that and move away from the end goal being the only reason you want to track macros, a lot of times that can remove the pressure that tracking macros is not going to work for you.” (30:42)



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