Creating a Mindset for Healthy Hormones with Olivia Wagner, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 109

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What does it take to heal your hormones? There are many factors for sure. A big one boils down to your mindset. Today’s guest explains how to approach this by doing what you need to heal your hormones while letting go of harmful, rigid, and restrictive rules.



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About Olivia Wagner, RD

After years of her own struggles with autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, mold illness, eczema, IBS, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and amenorrhea, Olivia often felt frustrated and lost in her best steps for healing.

Through Olivia’s advanced training in Functional Medicine and experience in working with over a thousand clients in the past eight years, she fully recognizes the complexity of experiencing health symptoms and is confident in the process of healing to get you well.

For the past twelve years, Olivia has studied the science of food and how it interacts with every cell in the body. Her background includes a strong foundation in nutritional and exercise science, advanced training in integrative and functional medicine, and certificates in mindful/intuitive eating practices allowing for a deep understanding of the relationship between food, body, and mind.

Olivia calls herself a nutrient seeker but believes that nourishing your body is as much an art as it is a science. She speaks to breaking down the walls of food shame and diet culture, establishing empowerment around food choice, and discovering how to befriend food and body again – finally starting to enjoy the terrain of nourishing with confidence.

Harnessing Judgement-Free Healing

Your mindset has a huge impact on how you feel, whether or not you have a chronic illness. Olivia wants anyone healing their hormones to focus on mindset. Our limiting beliefs influence our actions and what comes our way. Before anything can change for the better, you need to believe that change is possible.

Throughout our conversation, Olivia describes how she helps her clients bring awareness to their experiences in judgment-free ways. By reframing your situation so that it becomes a learning opportunity rather than a failure, you’ll realize that healing is within your power.


Embracing The Discomfort Needed to Move Forward

This isn’t necessarily going to be a pleasant process. Olivia knows just how uncomfortable it can be to reset your mindset and take control of your health. She speaks to how she urges her clients to be open to the inner work and have the faith to try different things, even if they feel uncomfortable. 

While your goals may be big, your actions often don’t need to be. Small but consistent changes will add up. Olivia describes a number of little habits that you can apply to many situations that will get your health moving in the right direction.

What limiting beliefs are holding you back from health? What can you start doing today to move past them? Leave a comment on the episode page!


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  • What led Olivia to focus on empowering women’s health through mindset shifts[4:30]
  • The connection between mindset, your immune system, and overall health [13:00]
  • Squashing limiting beliefs that impede healing [22:30]
  • How to change negative thinking into supportive mindsets [31:25]
  • How small yet consistent changes lead to big achievements over time [39:40]



“Although I think there’s so much support, validation, and real enlightenment that comes with functional medicine, sometimes those foundations — basic diet, lifestyle, sleep, movement, your relationship with yourself — get overlooked.” [10:14]

“Your thoughts and beliefs really influence your immune system. The way that you go about your daily life is going to be those things that can really crack the foundation of an immune system.” [14:13]

“You gotta be open to recognizing that there’s going to be times that [negative] thoughts come in, but it’s all about how you respond to them.”  [30:42]

“You can meet yourself where you’re at every day without it meaning that you’re not still working towards your bigger goal.” [49:21]




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