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My Favorite Products for the Postpartum and Newborn Phase (AKA Your 4th Trimester!)

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I just had my first baby this year (2022) and the past 2+ months have been a steep learning curve for adjusting to newborn life, in addition to all the love and joy our baby has brought to our lives! While there were certainly some items I’ve bought and barely used, there were many items that I either bought before giving birth or after (usually at like 3 AM!) that made a huge difference in my transition to motherhood.

Some of these items have supported my healing and wellbeing postpartum, some of them make breastfeeding much more comfortable and effective, some of them are favorites of my baby, and some are just useful tools that make parenthood just a little easier.

This list probably looks long (and TBH it might be) but all of these items are ones I use on a daily basis or were essential parts of my immediate postpartum recovery, which was a doozy! I hope this list will help you prepare for your next postpartum period… be sure to send this list to any of your friends who are expecting as well (or use this as a shopping list for your next baby shower!)


Mama’s Postpartum Recovery

      • Don’t bother with trying to find pads to contain all the “lochia” or postpartum bleeding. These adult diapers were the most comfortable and effective way to keep everything as clean as possible (I bled for 8 weeks and never messed up any of my clothes!)
      • This is a plastic tub that sits inside your toilet seat and allows you to soak your perineum which will likely be sore after a vaginal birth, especially if you tore at all like I did
      • Depending on how you gave birth and how long you pushed for, you may have a lot of swelling and even hemorrhoids that feel super uncomfortable. These medicated pads can help take the edge off.
      • This is another product that can help reduce some of the pain you may be experiencing after delivery, especially if you had any tearing or stitches like I did.
      • Do NOT forget to take your stool softener after birth. Don’t ask me why but the first few poops after giving birth are scary. It might be because you feel like your organs are going to fall out of your bottom (and if you have prolapse, they actually are kind of doing that!) and softening your stool can help that first poo or two come out without stress.
      • I loved this product for soothing my perineal area as it was healing from tearing and stitches. Plus the essential oils smell great, compared to some of the other products that are less pleasantly smelling.
      • These were so great for creating single-serving healing freezer meals that I could easily reheat after giving birth. I focused on creating the most nutrient-dense meals possible because I knew we’d be getting meals from friends that tasted great but may not have been quite so “healing” focused
      • This book gave me lots of ideas on ways to cook nourishing postpartum meals, and how to get appropriate support for healing immediately postpartum. It also gave me a timeline for healing that prompted me to minimize stress and activity until those first 40 days were up.
    • This is one of the 3 prenatal supplement brands that I feel have an appropriate balance of nutrients, and the product I used postpartum is one of the only ones that comes in a 3/day dose. I also have used their collagen, iron, probiotic, sleep + relaxation support, and hydration support products which are all safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    • Plus the company has provided me with some discount codes for my audience!
      • FEARLESS for 20% off first orders or first 3 months subscription
      • FEARLESS100 for $100 total off the first three months of the Complete Plan ($33.33 off months 1, 2, 3)
      • FEARLESSSAMPLE for $10 off Sample Packs

postpartum newborn phase


      • These have literally saved my nipples, not just when I first started breastfeeding and they were extra sore, but any time my nipples are starting to get a little chafed or uncomfortable, I pop these on during the day or overnight and they work wonders for healing
    • Boobie Bars 
      • These snack bars are delicious and contain ingredients that help increase your milk supply. I kept a box of them next to my bed for those late night snack attacks that happened nearly every night for the first few weeks postpartum
      • Use the coupon code LAURAAA15 for 15% off your first purchase!
      • I gave birth at the end of June and even 2+ months later none of my clothes from before fit yet. Wearing light dresses that allow for easy nursing access has been so helpful especially on the hot summer days I had to contend with. These will also be great for early fall when I can just through a light sweater on top. Plus they have pockets!
      • You can also get these dresses with short sleeves if you prefer to have some sleeves
      • This little device was so helpful when my milk was first coming in and I wasn’t ready for pumping but I wanted to catch some of the extra milk I was making and start to build up a freezer stash. I don’t use them quite as often anymore but they were super handy for the first several weeks postpartum.
      • I loved this nursing pillow so much that I bought 3 of them! One for each room I nurse my baby in so I don’t have to constantly be carrying it around to different rooms. This is SO much better than the boppy in my opinion and makes nursing so much more comfortable for me, especially as my baby gets heavier.
      • I basically go through at least 1-2 bras per day with the milk leakage I’m experiencing, plus I have to wear a bra overnight still so having ones that are comfy and allow for easy nursing access is essential. Plus these are cheap so I don’t feel weird buying enough to wear a new one every single day of the week.
      • I had to invest in a number of nightgowns during my pregnancy that have also doubled as postpartum nursing nightgowns that allow for easy boob access at night and also don’t cut into my postpartum belly. These ones are super comfy and inexpensive!
      • Technically I bought the Stanley 40oz but this one is the most similar option that doesn’t require you to pay a 50% markup on Facebook marketplace like I did! Trust me when I say you will want to have massive water bottles all over the house when you are breastfeeding because you are constantly thirsty.
      • In addition to my silver cups, this nipple balm has helped prevent my nipples from cracking or bleeding, and is safe for my baby to get into her mouth too which is important!
      • I go through a pair of these every single day even 2 months postpartum. Sure I could get washable ones (and I might eventually) but I have to have them available to wear 24/7 and goodness knows I don’t want to rely on doing the laundry to ensure I have them. From the few brands I’ve tried, these are the most absorbent and softest.
      • Hydration is no joke when breastfeeding and if you’re not replenishing electrolytes and minerals, you will feel like crap and your milk supply may tank. These are the most concentrated and cleanest ingredient electrolytes I’ve had.
      • I ordered this breast pump through insurance at aeroflowbreastpumps.com but it’s also for sale on Amazon if your insurance won’t cover it. I can pump out 5+ ounces of milk in about 10 minutes so it’s quite powerful while also being quiet. Just make sure you find the proper flange size and get inserts if necessary, because the flanges only come in 2 sizes and are quite large, which can be damaging to your nipple if they’re not properly fitted.
      • I use these collection cups with my breast pump and I love them! They can be put into a normal bra and are far more comfortable than the flanges that came with my pump. Just make sure you choose the right size insert if necessary, I got the 19 mm inserts based on my nipple measurement.
    • These were the first bottles we started with for our baby within the first week or so after she was born and she took them immediately. I know not every baby will take a bottle but this one worked for us!


Miscellaneous/Mom Life Made Easier

      • This carrier is SO easy to put on and was one of the few small enough to use on my teeny baby who was born under 7 pounds. Now that she’s 11 pounds (at the time of this writing) she still easily fits in this carrier and it’s a literal snap to put on. Plus it’s not too expensive compared to some of the other carriers out there.
      • I wear these all the time, especially under my nursing dresses. They keep my legs from rubbing together (still holding on to some extra fat postpartum) and allow me to nurse comfortably in public without worrying that I’m flashing someone.
      • I love these basic robes for lounging around the house, which I did often in the first few weeks postpartum. They’re light and soft and have pockets for things like cellphones or snacks.
    • Changing a baby out of the house is scary the first few times you do it, especially if there has been a blowout! Having a wipeable portable mat has been a lifesaver to help protect my baby from dirty floors or bathroom countertops, and to protect friends couches, beds, and carpets from any poop or pee that might find itself out of the diaper. Plus this one is super cute and I get tons of compliments on it!


For Baby’s Health and Happiness

      • My baby loves this bouncer. She’ll sleep in it and we use it to keep her happy while we’re eating meals or working on our computers. I hear that she’ll be able to bounce herself in it when she gets a little older but for now this thing keeps her calm and happy when we can’t be holding her.
      • These drops are so helpful for relieving gas pain, which is almost unavoidable with an infant who has an immature digestive system. I like that this brand has minimal ingredients.
      • This spray is great for loosening up boogies and helping clear my baby’s nasal passages. She was getting a little “junky” from spitting up in her first few weeks of life and I feel like this spray helped clear out the back of her throat as well. (I spray it into her nose only!)
      • We have these scattered all over our house. I primarily use them for keeping myself dry during nursing sessions (I’m a “sprayer” IYKYK) but I also have used them for wiping up spit up and drool, or even to cover my baby as a blanket. Get at least 10 of them if not 20 or more so you can always have clean ones on hand!
      • Don’t mess around with swaddle blankets at night, they’re difficult to put on and my baby just wiggles out of them within minutes. These velcro swaddles are quick and easy, and keep my baby wrapped at night.
      • I love this product for in-between bath freshening up. I also use it on wipes if my baby has had a big poo and I want a little extra cleansing power to get her totally clean during a diaper change.
      • I love giving my baby a full body massage before putting her pajamas on, and this one has a really nice calming lavender and chamomile scent.
      • This product has been a LIFESAVER and basically completely eliminated any fussiness or borderline colic we were experiencing before bed. There’s nothing worse than hearing your baby crying unconsolably for no apparent reason, and I really believe the calming ingredients in this product helped prevent that from happening once we started using it. Pro tip: give this to your baby BEFORE she starts crying. We give this to ours every night between 6-7 PM and it prevents the “witching hour” cry sessions.
      • I’ve tried a variety of diapers including some of the super bougie ones, and this brand is my favorite so far. I like them because they’re high waisted and fit our long and narrow baby better than most of the other brands do, and prevent leaks from coming out the top of the diaper.
      • We’ve been experimenting with cloth diapers at home to save some money and reduce our waste production. These are actually really easy to use, especially for the exclusively breastfed newborn phase where poops aren’t that bad and come off easily in the wash.
      • This is the ONLY pacifier our baby will use right now, and it’s designed to support a proper latch which is very important for breastfed babies. I started using it around 3 weeks for our baby, and every other pacifier we’ve tried just gets spit out of her mouth right now. So it was worth paying extra for the one she’ll actually use!
      • Don’t bother spending $60 on the toy attachment that is made for the BabyBjorn. This one works just as well, plus it can be used on other items such as a bassinet.
      • While our baby is still small enough, we’re finding it easiest to bathe her in her bathroom sink. This bath flower makes a nice soft and cozy bathtub for her to lay in while we clean her. Just make sure you hang it up to dry right away because it’s prone to mold.
    • Sometimes you just need to put your baby down and this lounger is a perfect option for that. My baby doesn’t love spending a lot of time in it but will fall asleep in it at night while we’re watching TV.


For The Home

      • My baby has a habit of peeing while we’re changing her diaper (I thought only boys did that??) so we’ve had a number of pee accidents on her bassinets that were easy to clean up because of these liners. She’s also had a couple of poo blowouts that were caught by these liners as well. It’s way easier than having to wash bassinet sheets that aren’t waterproof!
      • This cart holds my water bottle, snacks, burp cloths, and swaddles for easy access when putting our baby to bed or waking up for nighttime feedings.
      • I don’t bedshare but I do “co-sleep” with my baby which is recommended until the baby is at least 6 months old for SIDS prevention. I personally prefer to have my baby right next to me while I’m sleeping, but not in the same bed as me since that would probably destroy my sleep quality (and put her at risk of suffocation.)
    • Bedroom sound machine
      • I put this sound machine under her bassinet in our bedroom, and will move it to her nursery once she starts sleeping there. The white noise helps her sleep better because it blocks out ambient sounds and also reminds her of the womb sounds!
      • I found this affordable recliner while looking for a good nursing chair for my living room. It cost about $300 less than the one I bought for her nursery and works just as well!
      • These lamps are SO handy to have next to the changing table for late night diaper changes. They have 3 different levels of light so you can put a dim light on next to where you’re changing your baby to minimize disruption to your sleep. Plus they actually look nice!
      • We use this sound machine in her bassinet in our living room area, and plan to use it in public spaces and when traveling (e.g. by airplane.) The white noise helps her sleep better.
      • Baby clothes are teeny tiny, and I use these organizers to separate her items by age to make it easy to grab appropriately-sized items when I need to get her dressed.
      • I got this on Facebook marketplace and we use it ALL THE TIME. She naps in it during the day and we change her in it during the day as well. It’s compact and actually pretty nice looking so it matches our living room and kitchen decor pretty well. We store a diaper caddy and her cloth diapers on the rack below, as well as some shopping bags for poopy diapers since we’re not using a diaper pail downstairs.
      • I like to keep my baby’s bottles separate from our other dishes to minimize the risk of contamination, and this drying rack is pretty useful for small bottle parts. Plus it’s white so it doesn’t look stupid on my kitchen counter like the green one would.
    • We chose this monitor because we wanted one that didn’t use the WIFI, and so far I’m pleased with how it works. It’s fairly basic but I didn’t want one that was super high-tech or that monitored the baby’s heart rate or anything since I felt that would cause me more anxiety than just sleeping right next to my baby. We don’t use it a ton yet because she’s still going to bed pretty late, but it’s useful for those times when we put her to bed before we go up there ourselves.

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