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There’s more to selling a best-selling, profitable course than creating what you think your audience wants to learn. The reality is that you need to speak to your audience to find out exactly what they want to learn from you. I’m joined by Josh Coats to talk about selling more courses by speaking directly to your ideal clients, creating courses they want, and personalizing your sales process.



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About Josh Coats

Two-time #1 Best Selling Author, Top 50 podcast host, and founder of Push Coach Certification School for life coaches. Josh has trained over 40k in his online training and specializes in mindset, leadership, and strategy.

As a student of mindset and founder of a life coach school, Josh will help you to dig into the beliefs that are holding you back in your sales and leadership.


Create a Course Your Audience Wants

Josh Coats joins me to talk about the process of course creation. Making a best-selling, profitable course is more than simply creating what you think your audience wants – you need to find out what your audience wants to learn, first.

Josh explains when you need to actually have your course content created. It might surprise you to learn it’s not when you launch your course! It’s always important to ask for feedback from your ideal clients and tailor your course to suit their needs best.

We both understand that having sales conversations with potential clients might not appeal to you, but they’re a vital part of your sales process. Josh gives some great tips for how to have these conversations and why you might not want to automate your entire sales process.


Social Media and Automation vs a Personalized Sales Approach

Social media has a reputation for being a vital part of a business’s marketing plan. But there are drawbacks to solely using social media for your marketing. Josh explains the value of building your revenue before you build your social media presence. He also adds that having a higher social media following can help your sales when you already have a best-selling product.

Finally, we spend some time talking about the realities of sales. Josh breaks down the best way to find people to have sales conversations with and what type of conversations you need to have with them. Personalized sales approaches will most often give you way more sales than any automated process. Don’t forget that you’re a person, first, who wants to sell to other people!

If you’re thinking about creating a course, Josh Coats encourages you to message 5-10 people that you’re already closely connected. Tell them you’re thinking about putting together a program and want input from people that you respect the most. Ask them if they would be willing to tell you what they want to learn from you and what results they want to get from a program. Let me know about your results in the comments below! 


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  • When to start building your course [11:15]
  • Why the best quality product comes out after speaking with your ideal clients [14:00]
  • How to start having sales conversations with potential new customers [22:45]
  • How to figure out what your clients actually want when they ask for something [33:00]
  • The reality of Instagram as a marketing platform [35:00]
  • How a social media following can help build your credibility when you’re trying to sell other products [39:00]
  • Why you need to build your revenue before you build your social media following [40:00]
  • How to find people to have sales conversations with [42:14]
  • The reality of one-to-one sales [51:00]
  • The importance of sales calls [54:00]



“You don’t know the perspective of your clients until you start having some conversations. Whether that’s in the DMs, emails, or putting out podcasts – you don’t know what people do and don’t respond to until you put something out there. You have to get started first.” [12:08]

“It’s kind of like taking what people say that they want and churning it into something that sounds more like a whole program.” [26:23]

“It’s true to me but I needed [my ideal client’s] help to figure out what the best program would be. I have 3-4 things that I would really like to teach you and 700-800 things that I also do that I sometimes forget to tell people about because I do them automatically.”  [29:39]

“If you come with curiosity, people don’t feel like you’re trying to box them in. Versus if you do have an elevator pitch – if it sounds too scripted, people can feel that. I like to, very intentionally, sound like I don’t care and like I’m just having a little conversation with you. That almost always leads to having a conversation about what I want to talk about. Be a little more polite and a little less straightforward.” [47:35]

“$60,000 a month had just been sitting there, no one doing anything with it, because these were people that for whatever reason just needed somebody to say, ‘hey, I see you. Are you interested in what I have?’ I think so many times because it’s been done so sleazy by so many people, we think one-to-one sales is sleazy. The reality is, for most people listening to this podcast, that if you don’t have as much money to spend on ads, if you don’t have these scaling things, you can’t just skip the day-to-day work.”  [50:48]



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