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Nourishing Your Soul w/ Aglaée Jacob – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 3

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Eating a healthy diet isn’t enough to make your body well, you need to tend to your spiritual and soul health as well. This includes nourishing your sense of connection and community, and resolving any loneliness that exists. Only when you nurture every aspect of your being will you be at a truly healthy point. Aglaée Jacobs from Radicata Nutrition is here to explain how she uses a more holistic approach, that includes an emotional and spiritual aspect, to her nutrition consultation services.

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About Aglaée jacob

Aglaée understands how difficult it can be to take control of your physical health, especially when you have digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, or other things going on. She says that these are the easiest aspects of our health to control because you can choose what you eat. But she’s found that since she worked on her emotional and mental health, her overall health as improved.

A lot of it comes down to learning to trust your own body and food again. For many of us, we’ve been cutting foods out and afraid to eat them for fear of bloating, embarrassment, or weight gain. So a lot of the work Aglaée does with her clients helps unblock our emotional connection to food.

Aglaée shares how you can find out if your soul is malnourished and what we can all do, even starting today, to start making it healthy again. All it takes is twenty seconds to find the joy and beauty in something that will breathe some life into your soul again.

One of the biggest problems with people these days is actually loneliness, despite being more connected to the world than we ever were before. The first step to curing loneliness, however, isn’t to find friends, it’s to reconnect with yourself. Fulfilling yourself and filling your own cup has to come first.

Do you feel loneliness? What do you do to fill your soul cup every day? How is your relationship with food?


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In This Episode

  • How your emotions and mental health are related to your overall body health
  • Why it’s easier for most people to try to control their physical health instead of work on their mental and emotional
  • How you can learn to trust your own body and food again
  • How you can find out if your soul is malnourished
  • How long it takes to feel joy and beauty in something
  • What you can do today to stop and nourish your soul
  • How reconnecting with yourself can help you relieve feelings of loneliness
  • Why you need to look after and fulfill yourself before you can serve other people



“You can’t heal yourself even if you’re eating the perfect diet or following all those steps. You can’t truly heal yourself if you’re saying negative things to yourself.” (8:20)

“Some very important nutrients for the soul are joy and beauty. We need to nourish our soul with these things every single day.” (23:45)

“Whatever doesn’t work out or is not successful is not necessarily a failure. It’s just another way to learn how to do things better or different.” (37:11)



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Got a question you’d love to hear me answer on the show? Leave me a voice message here!

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