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The Power of Overcoming An Eating Disorder with Sara Anna Powers – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 34

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Becoming comfortable in investing financially in your personal growth is something many Christian women struggle with. You need to know that you are worthy of investment, health, and wealth in all areas of your life, because God created you for a rich life. Today I’m joined by Sara Anna Powers, my own private business coach, to talk about how she transitioned from law student struggling with anorexia to a multiple-6-figure entrepreneur.



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About Sara Anna Powers

Sara Anna Powers (“Anna”) is an Online Business Mentor and Messaging Expert who is passionate about helping faith-forward entrepreneurs pursue their powerful purpose in business. A licensed attorney who has transitioned to running her own business full-time, Anna creates programs for business owners who want to magnify their results in business while magnifying God with their business. 

Anna tells us the story of how she transitioned from someone who struggled deeply with anorexia to a successful multiple-6-figure businesswoman.

She explains how some of the personality traits that made anorexia and binge eating a reality for her are actually the same ones that have enabled her to succeed in her business. She attributes much of her college experience to how her eating disorder developed and sustained. Anna eventually reached out to her parents to get into rehab for her eating disorder recovery.

Anna tells us about the transformation she experienced when she stopped being hyper-focused on what food she was eating all the time. Now that she’s not obsessively tracking everything, Anna eats whatever she wants, especially when she knows it will give her the energy she needs to fuel her workday.

For Anna, it was when she completely reframed the reasons she was following a healthier lifestyle and exercise routine that her life shifted. By realizing that she was doing it for a healthier body and to feel and perform her best, she freed herself from the obsession that comes with only worrying about what you look like.

One of the aspects of training Anna changed was the frequency and duration of how much she was exercising. She used to exercise hard at the gym for two hours a time, nearly every day. But by scaling that back, Anna has discovered all the life that’s out there waiting for her outside the gym.

Anna is a Christian woman who is no stranger to investing in herself. Starting with her eating disorder recovery, then investing many thousands of dollars in coaching for the first iteration of her online business, to now where she is continuing to invest in working with high-level business coaches. 

Anna believes that Christian women can be rich in all areas of their lives, including their bank accounts. This is one of the reasons she encourages women to invest in themselves. Each investment has made Anna reach a higher level so she can reach and serve more faith-based women than ever before.

Imagine what your life could look like when you overcome disordered eating or poor body image and start pursuing your purpose. What investment do you need to make to help make your dreams a reality? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • How traits common in anorexia can be shifted to succeeding in business
  • What life can be like when you’re not hyper-focused on your weight
  • Why you should eat foods that you want to and that fuel your energy
  • What happens when you reframe your health and wellness routine to help you feel your best not look your best
  • What to do if you’re exercising frequently and for long periods of time
  • Why Christian women were created to be rich in all areas of their life
  • Why you should invest in yourself to become the person you were created to be



“You’re still you. And you’re still loved. I loved you at 140lbs, and I loved you at 103lbs, and I loved you at 220lbs. The fact that your weight has changed doesn’t change who you are at your core.” (8:15)

“The key is to call it out for what it is and nip in the bud as soon as possible and really learn how to love yourself and truly appreciate yourself, not just for the external but for who you are.” (21:57)

“I think you cannot go wrong by investing in yourself when you know that it is God calling you to do that.” (44:28)

“Your mental, physical, and spiritual health is actually beneficial to not only you but also the people around you.” (50:13)



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