Pivoting In A Pandemic with Jennifer Sweenie – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 106

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If we’ve learned anything in the past year and a half, it’s that the unexpected will happen. How many of us approach health has changed. So has how we work and run businesses. Today’s guest explains how she pivoted her health-based business and shares insight into how you can pivot too.



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About Jennifer Sweenie

Jennifer Sweenie is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Health-Supportive Chef, and Health Coach. She has over a decade of experience in the food and nutrition space and is passionate about educating others on the importance of consuming real, local food from sustainable sources.

Jennifer believes the key to making healthier choices and behavior modification lies in understanding and awareness of the correlation between what we consume and our wellbeing.

Running a Wellness Business in a Virtual World

When the pandemic hit, Jennifer quickly shifted the focus of her NYC-based wellness business to go virtual. With the uncertainty of the time, health and wellness became a paramount concern for many. Jennifer explains the various programs that she offers, ranging from cooking demos and 1-on-1 nutritional consults to martial arts and meditation.

With a new focus on working with companies as well as individual clients, Jennifer has learned to be flexible in new ways. She discusses how she now finds clients and determines her pricing.


Establishing Healthy Habits in a Changing Landscape

When people started working from home, established work routines were thrown away. While some people thrived in this new working environment, many others struggled with the change. 

Jennifer explains how she helps people who find themselves in new unhealthy habits, such as being too sedentary or not keeping to a stable eating schedule.


Why Sugar Intake Still Matters

One change that Jennifer noticed involves the amount of sugar we’re consuming. Early on, many of us were getting far too much sugar as we adjusted to changing circumstances. However, awareness of the problem has increased as more people are taking ownership of their health.

Jennifer urges us to gather more information about this. She recommends that we test our glucose levels, monitor our energy and mood, and talk to our doctors about this. If sugar dysregulation is an issue, it’s important to catch it before it’s too late.

Have you had to pivot your business since Covid became the new reality? Leave a comment below! 


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  • What led Jennifer to combine her interests in healthy living and food [4:20]
  • How Jennifer quickly pivoted her business at the start of the pandemic [6:10]
  • The many ways that corporate wellness programs can be implemented virtually [10:00]
  • How some work habits have changed for better or worse since the start of the pandemic [14:40]
  • Changes in perception on sugar consumption and determining if it’s a problem for you [18:30]
  • Some positives that have come out of the changes of the last 18 months [30:20]
  • Thoughts about the future of corporate wellness [40:20]



“In retrospect, it was exactly what I needed and had wanted to do for a while but just hadn’t taken the leap to online. So it ended up being a good thing, a very positive thing.” [7:55]

“If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that upsetting your routine just throws everything up into the air.” [16:45]

“Keep failing until you get it. Keep trying different things until it sticks.”  [46:23]



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