Finding Your Voice Through Podcasting with Michelle Sorro – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 102

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My business wouldn’t be where it is today if it were not for podcasting. It has helped me grow and expand my ability to reach people like nothing else. If you have your own podcast, want to start one, or just want to bring your best to interviews, today’s guest has some amazing advice for you.



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About Michelle Sorro

Michelle is a former TV Retail Host with $220 million dollars in live TV sales turned Transformational Trainer & Digital CEO. She built a 7-figure business by helping experts start and scale a high integrity online impact with master mindset tools, ethical live video sales, and purposeful podcasts.

Michelle’s trainings have generated millions in revenue for her clients, from emerging coaches and experts to established entrepreneurs, former pro athletes, and a US presidential candidate. Michelle is the host of The Fire & Soul Podcast, a top ten in self-development, and is on a mission to empower millions to awaken to their infinite potential.

Getting in the Best Mindframe for Podcasting

Both Michelle and I understand that it’s normal to feel nervous when podcasting. People often compare themselves to famous interviewers, forgetting that everyone was new to this at some point. Michelle wants us to silence interview jitters by remembering that, in the end, it’s just a conversation. 

By staying in the present moment and imagining that this is just a normal chat you’ll calm your nerves. Also, recognize that your nerves are a sign that you care about what you’re talking about. When the jitters start, Michelle wants us to take a break to reset so we can come to the interview ready for the conversation to just flow.


You Have it in You to Share Your Voice

A common hang-up for new podcasters is their voice. Many of us are self-conscious about how we sound. This is natural and it shouldn’t stop you. Michelle shares some tips for finding your register and getting grounded so you can confidently and consistently sound good.

More than anything else, Michelle believes the key to success is self-love. When you accept yourself, you’ll find that you can be your biggest cheerleader. You’re doing what you do to help others and that’s amazing. Believe in yourself and your message and the confidence to broadcast it to the world will follow.

Have you dealt with pre-interview jitters? Tell me how you addressed them in the comments below! 


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  • How Michelle became an authority in podcasting [3:40]
  • Calming the pre-interview jitters [9:50]
  • Finding and harnessing your podcasting voice [15:00]
  • Using your authenticity to get people’s attention [22:40]
  • Practical first-steps for starting your podcast [31:15]



“I didn’t know how it would go, what it would look like. I was overwhelmed. I was a total technophobe. I was just willing to begin and suck until I got better.” [7:05]

“Allow yourself to be imperfect. Take yourself off the hook. Stop comparing yourself to who you think you should sound like.” [17:18]

“A great leader knows they’re not perfect but accepts themselves in their journey of growth and to be on their journey to be better than they were before.” [22:14]

“If this is truly part of our legacy and it’s how we want to reach more people, then the legacy doesn’t have an expiration – there’s no rush.” [40:48]

“This is why we really can change the world by being brave enough to put ourselves out there and to do what most won’t in order to be part of that change.” [41:40]



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