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Pressing Reset with Dani Almeyda – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 24

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Community, confidence, and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable are all values we should learn and embrace as we age. Creating a safe place to encourage people to combine faith and exercise is something Dani Almeyda, co-founder of Original Strength, is immensely proud of.



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creating a safe space

There seems to be this unwritten rule that as we age, we believe we’re no longer capable of having a base level of fitness, ability, and strength. That’s simply not true! Dani has designed a fitness atmosphere and method that encourages relearning and resetting our movement, breathing, and in turn, mindset. 

Dani explains what happens to our bodies when we learn how to actually breathe properly. Your body and mind become much more in sync and in tune. She also tells us how you can use the same techniques she teaches at Original Strength to help reset any stressful moments in your life. It all comes down to the breath.

The other element of training that’s important to Dani is creating a loving and comfortable community and environment for women to learn in. When we feel loved and supported, we’re more likely to be more adventurous, be happier, and try new movements.

But above all, Dani embodies a Christian spirit in everything she does at Original Strength. She believes that a person’s original strength comes from God and that it’s possible for all of us to regain this strength of body and of soul. 

This is what her women’s communities have at their heart – a calling to speak and express ourselves as God’s true wonder and beauty. Dani encourages women to find a community of girlfriends they’re comfortable learning and growing with. She also thinks we should all practice being uncomfortable as there are so many situations in our lives where we will experience this.

When was the last time you tried something and struggled at it? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • Why getting older is no excuse for losing strength and ability
  • What happens when you learn to breathe properly
  • How you can press reset on any stressful moments in your life
  • What happens when you feel loved and comfortable 
  • How community can encourage you to try new movements
  • Where your original strength comes from
  • Why women need a community of girlfriends they feel comfortable with
  • Why you should practice being uncomfortable



“We try to plant these seeds of hope in every single time we’re with somebody. Hope feels good. Giving and helping people see, understand, and feel hopeful is a really good way to get them more comfortable in exploring their relationship with God.” (23:06)

“Being relatable is important. If people can’t relate to you and you can’t be vulnerable enough to share your own life, struggles, failures, and what you learned then it makes it really hard to create relationships that are meaningful.” (34:40)

“Getting comfortable being uncomfortable will make you so much stronger at everything in life because you’re always going to have uncomfortable situations. So if you know how to move through the discomfort, you get really comfortable being uncomfortable.” (45:21)



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