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How Rachael Gave Up Fad Diets And Got Her Period Back – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 28

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This episode of Fed and Fearless is with my client Rachael who is a member of my “Get Your Period Back” program. We’re talking about the success Rachael had within weeks to get her period back by making healthy changes to her diet and exercise routine.



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a case study with Rachael e.

Rachael describes what it was like when she didn’t have her period. From her irritability to her body demanding comfort food, Rachael didn’t feel connected with the woman she was. But despite seeking medical advice, who only advised to go on artificial estrogen, Rachael didn’t know how to improve her health situation.

Rachael can see now that she had developed an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy and “clean”. What started as listening to a few podcasts about low-carb diets turned into living on steaks. Coupled with going to the gym for an intense workout 5 or more days a week, Rachael was not getting the recovery or the nutrients her body so needed.

When Rachael found the Get Your Period Back program, she decided to trust that this was the right move for her. We made changes to her diet and exercise gradually, which was one of the aspects she was the most hesitant to change. 

Rachael explains some of the major benefits she received from doing group health coaching. These included drawing on the knowledge and experience of all the other women in the group. 

She talks through what some of the biggest mindset changes she had to develop over the course of Get Your Period Back. Rachael benefited from sharing these changes with the other group program members and receive that extra level of support.

Rachael shares what it was like when she started dialing back on her level of training. Many women are afraid that when they don’t train as hard at the gym, they will lose what strength they’ve gained. However, it’s actually the opposite that happens! Less is often more when it comes to exercise.

Finally, Rachael talks about how changing her training and diet impacted more than just her health. She found that almost every aspect of her life transformed in some way or another. Rachael has found a new love and appreciation for her body and encourages us all to learn to listen to your body.

Do you have an irregular period? How would you rate your diet and exercise routine? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • What happens when you don’t have your period
  • How you can develop an obsession with eating healthy
  • How a change doesn’t need to be drastic or extreme
  • What it’s like doing a health coaching program online
  • The benefit of group coaching v.s. private coaching
  • Mindset changes that are necessary for period recovery
  • Benefits from dialing back your training
  • How changes to your training and diet impact your entire life
  • How to listen to your body, not the gurus



“The only way I can explain it is really, it was kind of like a downward spiral. Because where I was, it wasn’t going to get better. And being unhappy and miserable, that’s not… That should be number one, being happy and having a sustainable life. And it was not going that way for me.” (13:34)

“It’s so nice having other women going through the same problem. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.” (26:58)

“For women who are looking to do online coaching or group coaching – I say go for it! As long as you know it’s a legitimate source and you know you’re not going to lose money through a scam… I think it’s great. I’m 100% on board with group coaching.” (46:21)




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