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Exploring Traditional Diets with Hilda Labrada Gore – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 44

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We can learn so much about our spiritual and physical health from other cultures. I’m joined by Hilda Labrada Gore, host of Wise Traditions, to talk about how her health and ministry work has taken her to different parts of the world to learn about different culture’s ancient practices.



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About Hilda Labrada Gore

Hilda Labrada Gore is committed to finding keys for maintaining and boosting health and sharing everything she learns with you! She has traveled the world exploring traditional practices for optimal well-being. From Kenya to Peru to Australia to Cuba, she has uncovered ancient practices all over the globe that we can easily incorporate into our lives today. 

Hilda is the host of Wise Traditions, a podcast launched in 2016 that has over 3 MILLION downloads to date! It’s a wealth of information on food, farming, and the healing arts. Hilda hosts and produces the show for the Weston A. Price Foundation. Topics covered include everything from sustainable farming to Alzheimer’s to gut healing to the Wise Traditions diet to natural childbirth!


About This Episode

Hilda joins me today to talk about how her relationship with God has influenced so many decisions in her life. Being born with a heart defect, Hilda always made sure she was careful when it came to exercise. 

She shares how she came to understand God in her life and that in order to be wholly healthy, you need to look after your spiritual health as well as your physical.

Hilda’s involvement with ministry and her background in health led her to travel the world helping other cultures return to their roots. She discovered during her travels how important it is for people to eat the food that’s native and natural to your culture. 

We talk about how food displacement and overconsumption of processed food has led to an overall decline in health – everywhere. Hilda says that we should always do our best to eat natural and whole foods as these fuel our bodies the best: the way God intended.

Another aspect of health that’s so important for Hilda is getting outside every day. Her favorite time of day is within half an hour of when the sun comes up. This time is perfect for getting daily Vitamin D; it also gives you a chance to experience quiet time for deep listening, which she learned about during one of her trips to Australia.

What whole foods do you incorporate in your diet every day? How have you learned more about your relationship with God by exploring other cultures? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • How your spiritual health connects to your physical health
  • What other cultures can teach us about food and nutrition
  • What food displacement is and how it impacts society’s overall health
  • Why it’s so important to avoid processed foods for optimal health
  • Why you need to get outside every single day if possible
  • Some practical and enjoyable tips for getting outside more



“It’s not just movement that keeps us well and it’s not just a sense of spirituality, which I actually believe is super important for our overall health to have a spiritual practice. It’s also the food that we take in and our community.” (9:29)

“It wasn’t just that other culture’s own health was compromised or that these people would get more cavities or sicker easier, but it’s that the subsequent generations became more ill, too.” (27:58)

“There are only so many hours in the day: do we take time to stop and do some deep listening? For me, I have to say, the morning is one of those times.” (51:40)



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