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Traditional Foods for Gut Healing with Laura Poe Mathes – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 80

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Many times, being a dietitian is a lot like being a detective. Patients come to us after having tried everything else that they can think of, yet they still have a gut in distress. Often, it’s a modern lifestyle and diet behind the problem. Today, I’m talking with Laura Poe Mathes about how she helps her clients discover healing remedies by taking advantage of traditional foods.



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About Laura Poe Mathes

Laura Poe Mathes is a registered dietitian focused on helping clients restore their microbiome and heal their gut. Her process is based on principles of traditional diets, where natural remedies meet evidence-based practices to help improve gut health. Laura’s goal is not only to improve her clients’ diets but also to help them change their lives.

A New Look at Old Foods

Rather than focusing on elimination diets, Laura helps her clients identify what they are missing so they can get to the root cause of the problem. What’s interesting is that many traditional foods, like broths, fermented foods, and organ meats can help fill common nutritional gaps. 

Because food is one of the things in life that can’t be ignored, it’s still something that can make or break your wellbeing. With that in mind, Laura explains how a smart approach to eating traditional foods can flip your relationship with food upside down. If done right, you can find yourself excited to eat again.


Work With Your Dietitian to Build Your Traditional Diet

When it comes to improving gut health, Laura can’t speak highly enough about fermented foods in particular. She has seen so many people improve their symptoms and overall nutritional status by adding more foods like sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, and kimchi to their diet. 

However, fermented foods on their own are not going to be the solution. Broths, stocks, and organ meats can all be part of the picture. With so many elements and variables, there’s a lot to consider. That’s why having a knowledgeable dietitian on your side is so helpful. Laura explains what to look for when considering a traditional solution to your gut issues so that you and your dietitian can find a real fix that lasts.

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  • What led Laura to discover the value of traditional foods [4:00]
  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to heal their gut [11:15]
  • Why lifestyle is an important factor with any diet [16:06]
  • Why some people feel shame around food [26:18]
  • Predictions about the future of traditional foods [30:00]
  • Using fermented and traditional foods to improve gut health [33:22]
  • Why animal products are an important part of a healing diet [37:29]



“It is kind of fun to see people realize that there’s more to it than diet. It can be a little overwhelming. They’re like ‘I have to address all of these things?’ But it can be freeing too.” [17:37]

“We look to food to do too much for us; that it’s a magic bullet in some way or that if we change one thing about our diet, we’re going to be happy.”  [27:48]

“They do show a lot of improvement in symptoms and they’re a really great way to start to connect more with food and really seeing that you can make something that was made thousands of years ago in your modern kitchen.” [34:55]



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