Uncommon Nutrition Perspectives with Kritikaa Agnani, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 92

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We all have goals. Yet, it takes consistency to achieve any worthwhile objective. Whether they are health or business-related, today’s guest shares how she stays consistent in her efforts to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. If you have a big goal but are feeling unsure about how to take action, this episode is for you.



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About Kritikaa Agnani, RD

Kritikaa Agnani is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Clinical Nutrition degree, and experience in caring for patients both in the hospital and one-on-one setting. Her specialties include weight loss and athletic performance.

Kritikaa discovered her passion for educating after she taught the course “Nutrition and Diet Therapy” at Collin Community College. She then began to create educational YouTube videos to combat common nutrition myths and misconceptions.

Her goal is to help people create a healthier, more connected relationship with food and to make quality nutrition education more accessible. In her free time, she enjoys weight training and playing the piano.

Finding The Right Information For Your Health

In this episode, we begin by discussing the pitfalls of misinformation. A lot of the nutrition literature online presents itself as one-size-fits-all simple solutions. However, the reality is much more nuanced. It’s tough to know what is credible and what applies to you in particular. Kritikaa explains how she goes about discerning helpful from unhelpful and fact from fiction.


Is Weight-Loss the Right Approach to Health?

We also talk about a controversial topic in the world of nutrition: whether intentional weight loss can ever be healthy. The fact of the matter is that sometimes it is healthy and sometimes it isn’t – it all depends on the individual. 

Everyone has a different body, different genetics, a different lifestyle. There are some instances when it is better to lose some weight to improve metabolic health and there are times when that would be unhealthy. Kritikaa explains the subtleties of her approach to helping her patients determine what’s best for them.


Establishing Habits As The Way To Achieving Goals

As far as making and working towards goals are concerned, we discuss the importance of building habits and setting realistic expectations. Kritikaa and I know the importance of focusing on implementing habits rather than strictly worrying about the outcome. The things we put effort into take time. It may be months or even years before you see results. This can apply to weight-loss goals as well as your goals to have a successful business.

Perhaps the hardest part of this is staying motivated when the day-to-day progress is hard to see. Kritikaa’s main piece of advice is to make the process itself enjoyable. Find an exercise or routine you enjoy. See the process of whatever you’re doing as joyful. If you see exercise or work as merely something that you have to do, then it will be hard to stay motivated.

How do you establish habits that you enjoy doing? Leave a comment below! 


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  • How an unhealthy relationship with body-image led Kritikaa into a career in nutrition [3:40]
  • How to avoid falling for bad health information [5:30]
  • Whether or not intentional weight-loss can ever be healthy [7:30]
  • Common and harmful myths in nutrition and health [18:05]
  • Establishing smaller enjoyable habits to achieve big goals [22:33]
  • Kritikaa’s mission to become a voice of truth in the health and wellness space [29:45]
  • Tips for anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel for their business [31:08]
  • Dealing with the fear of criticism when creating content [35:13]



“People would really benefit if we learned that organic doesn’t necessarily mean healthier.” [19:23]

“I think I’m just so passionate about spreading the evidence-based information and the right information so that people don’t harm their bodies and do what I did as a kid.” [30:45]

“You’re going to be judged no matter what, so why not put your opinions out there? Put everything out there and maybe you’re going to be helping a lot of people.” [35:07]



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