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The Value of Mentorship – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 5

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Do you have a person in your life who you consider a mentor?

Mentors come in many forms and can be someone who helps you achieve any number of personal goals, including physical health, spiritual development, and even things like financial or career goals.

And your business mentors don’t have to be someone you pay to work with privately. If you’re getting value out of someone’s podcast, blog posts, or other content, learning from them, and applying that advice to your own business, that person can definitely be considered your mentor.

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Identifying your mentors

I was recently at a conference hosted by one of my business mentors who I have paid for group coaching with. The conference had about 600 people there, but my mentor, James Wedmore, made time to connect with as many people as wanted one-on-one time with him.

While at this event, I also had the honor of meeting a lot of the friends and connections I’ve made online in person. Let me tell you what a pleasure it was! I think meeting in person has brought a lot of value to our relationships.

When I introduced myself to James, I told him I was planning on investing in his private mentorship (up until now, I’ve only been part of his group program). James told me that was great, and asked me when I was going to sign up. That’s one thing that I like about him: by setting yourself a deadline by when to do something, you give yourself more power to achieve it.

James makes me believe in the power of showing up authentically and creating positive experiences for your audience. I don’t think he had to stick around his conference for as long as he did meeting and exchanging pleasantries with the attendees, but the fact that he did was so uplifting.

I’ve gotten so much value out of James’ mentorship and also the private mentors I have in my life. I believe everyone should invest in mentorship in order to become their greatest selves. That’s the true power of a mentor: the ability to call you up, not out, to be your best.

Do you have a mentor? Have you thought about joining a group program but don’t think you’ll get much out of it? How do you show up every day?

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In This Episode

  • What value there is in meeting your online friends in person
  • Why you don’t have to pay for a private mentorship in order to learn from someone
  • What happens when you say when you’re going to do something
  • Why you should show up and create positive experiences for the people who follow you
  • What the value of mentorship is
  • How a mentor can call you up to be your greater self


“Being around other people that are working towards what you want, and also have accomplished what you want, is priceless when it comes to reaching the goals that you’ve set for yourself.” (11:41)

“A great mentor shows you what’s possible because they’re walking the talk.” (31:02) 

“Mentors are there to show you what’s possible and tell you that you’re capable of doing this too, all you need to do is believe in yourself and take action despite the possible fear that could come up.” (34:37)


James Wedmore

Mind Your Business Podcast


Got a question you’d love to hear me answer on the show? Leave me a voice message here!

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