What Would God Say About The Way You Treat Your Body?

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Most of us women who call ourselves Jesus-followers would say that our biggest goal in life is to grow in our relationship with God, and serve the greater purpose that He put us here on earth for.

We’d say that we desire to please God with our choices, and not worry what the world wants us to do. We’d even say we believe that God truly wants the best for us, and that we want what He wants too.

But the fact is, so many of us Christian women pursue health and fitness goals that are completely misaligned with our core value of loving God and loving others. (Whether we realize it or not.)

We strive to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, or craft an image of “health and wellness”. We build our identity on our perceived level of health and fitness, how healthy our diet is, or how often we hit the gym.

We take pride in “eating clean” and training hard, and secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly) judge others who don’t take care of their bodies the way we do.

We live in a constant state of fear and anxiety over making the “right” decisions around eating and exercise, and we’re never satisfied with the body that we have today.

We create rigid rules around our food and fitness choices, to the point where we completely isolate ourselves from our community because we’re too busy trying to “eat clean” and exercise our butts off. (Literally and figuratively!)

Friend, have you ever thought about what God would say about the way you treat your body?

Would he approve of the all-or-nothing “perfectionist” mindset you have around food and fitness, which either sucks the joy out of your health habits or causes you to bounce between restriction and bingeing?

Would He agree with the negative, hateful words you use as you pinch your body fat and look at yourself in the mirror with disgust and self-loathing, wishing you were someone else?

Would He be proud of the way you isolate yourself from your friends and your community because you’re too afraid to eat outside of the home or skip a scheduled workout?

What would He say to you when you decide to forgo your quiet time with Him in the morning so you can make it to your 7AM Crossfit or Spin class?

What does God really think about your body? 

Does He hate it the way you do, or does He say that you are “awesomely and wonderfully made”? Does He want you to spend your life trying to change it, or rather caring for it as a vessel designed for following Him?

Friend, I think you know the answers to these questions.

I think you know deep down that you are MORE than a body, and that you were created for so much more than frustration around food and fitness.

The truth is, you know that God wants so much more for his beloved daughter than obsession and fear around her health choices.

And I know that you want to access this deeper part of you. The part that lives a life of freedom, not a life enslaved to your food and fitness routine.

Do You Desire Freedom?

If you desire to feel true freedom in your health and your body so you can live a life of purpose, I’m inviting you to my brand new 3-part training series: Breaking The Chains of Health Perfectionism.

In this free LIVE training, I’ll teach you how to trust your own internal guidance system when making decisions about your health, so you can stop chasing the perfect body and start chasing your God-given dreams.

In this 3-part training series, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 big mental shifts that need to happen… so you can ditch the obsession and frustration with your health, and experience peace in your body.
  • How to stop making 5 common mistakes… so you can trust your own inner wisdom about food and fitness, rather than being swayed by external influence or negative self-talk.
  • The 5 phases of the Fed and Fearless™ journey… so you can use your health as a tool to follow your dreams and find purpose and meaning in your life.

Click HERE to register for the free live event!

When you do, you’ll also get an exclusive invitation to our private pop-up Facebook group, where we’ll be hosting the free training AND where you can meet other women who are committed to becoming well fed and fearless!

See you there!!

Your friend and coach,

Laura Schoenfeld

PS – If you are struggling to find the balance between pursuing optimal health and not being completely consumed by this pursuit, this training is DEFINITELY for you!

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