Are Your “Healthy” Habits Stealing Life From You?

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Most of us are pretty clear that eating tons of junk food and never moving our bodies would be habits that steal life away from us.

None of us want to be ignorant or careless when it comes to our health and how we treat our physical bodies.

But did you realize that your so-called “healthy” habits could be stealing life from you too?

When you make food or fitness choices out of fear, obsession, or anxiety, life is being stolen from you.

When you beat yourself up mentally for eating dessert or skipping your workout, life is being stolen from you.

When you choose to stay home instead of enjoying a dinner out with your friends because you don’t allow yourself to eat anything “off plan”, life is being stolen from you.

When you decide not to join a small group at church because it conflicts with your overly-intense workout schedule, life is being stolen from you.

When you spend your days endlessly reading and researching nutrition and fitness books and blogs, yet your Bible is collecting dust on the bookshelf, life is being stolen from you.

When you hold back from going out on dates with great guys because you feel like your body isn’t “good enough” yet to deserve a loving relationship, life is being stolen from you.

When you accidentally (or purposefully) undereat and overtrain because you’ve believed the lie that your body needs to be smaller to be acceptable, life is being stolen from you.

When you subconsciously believe that “your body is a temple” means that your body’s health and appearance should be turned into an idol to be worshipped, life is being stolen from you.

When you put more emphasis on following the right diet and exercise routine than you do on following God and His bigger purpose for you, life is being stolen from you.

The thief has come to steal, kill, and destroy 

Friend, there is so much more to life than food and fitness. And the fact is, our enemy loves to distract us from our purpose by turning our focus onto our physical bodies.

John 10:10 says that the thief has come to steal, kill, and destroy. And if we’re not careful, that thief will steal our lives away by distracting us with obsession, worry, and fear about our physical health and appearance.

My mission in life is to help women just like you use health as a tool to pursue your purpose, 
not to make health and fitness your purpose. To help you see your identity beyond your physical body, and believe in your inherent worth as a child of God.

I know without a doubt that you have so much to offer the world, and the only thing standing in your way is your beliefs about where your worth and identity come from.

This mission is why I created my brand new free training, Breaking the Chains of Health Perfectionism: to help women just like you break free of all-or-nothing, obsessive thinking about health and fitness, and turn their gaze towards their true God-given purpose.

And our first live training is available for INSTANT replay! In this first video you’ll learn: 

  • The 3 big mental shifts that need to happen so you can ditch the obsession and frustration with your health, and experience peace in your body
  • The 4 stages of becoming fearlessly healthy and how to become completely confident in your health choices no matter where you’re starting from
  • The ONE decision you need to make to create massive results in your physical, mental, and spiritual health, so you can pursue your God-given purpose
CLICK HERE to watch the first live training, and get notified when our next two training videos are available.

After you’ve watched the first video, I’d love to hear from you about what you learned, or what big AHA moments you had. Comment below with your feedback about the training series!

I hope you enjoy these videos, and that this free training series is the first big step in your journey towards true freedom in your health and your ability to use food and fitness to fuel your purpose.
Your friend and coach,

Laura Schoenfeld

PS – Feel free to share this post with any women in your life who need this message!

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