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An Abundance Approach to PCOS with Jillian Greaves, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 52

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Sometimes what we believe are “healthy” habits are doing us harm. This is especially the case for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In fact, I’ve seen so many women cause worsening symptoms by over-exercising, eating the wrong way, and being too hard on themselves. Today’s guest is reshaping the narrative of how to live abundantly and healthfully with PCOS.



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About Jillian Greaves

Jillian Greaves is the Registered Dietitian and food lover behind Prevention Pantry. Her background includes a strong foundation in nutritional science, advanced training in integrative and functional medicine, and a deep understanding of the relationship between food, body, and mind.

She combines evidence-based, medical nutrition therapy with mindful eating and traditional foods to help individuals of all ages increase their energy, balance hormones, and improve digestion. Jillian is passionate about women’s health and empowering clients with PCOS to discover what their bodies need through a personalized and holistic approach towards nutrition.


Abundance, not deprivation

Today, Jillian and I are taking a deeper look at what it takes to resolve PCOS symptoms. Many women focus heavily on elimination. However, restricting what we eat often won’t lead to the results we want and just cause added stress. Jillian likes to turn this approach upside down by focusing on nourishment, personalized nutrition, joyful movement, and generally enhancing someone’s life.


A New Mindful Approach

Jillian helps her patients shift away from super-strict approaches to eating. While diet is still a big part of dealing with PCOS, it can often be taken too far. In fact, stressing about what you eat can easily make things worse. Jillian helps women take a mindful approach to eating so they can find joy in food while still treating their bodies well.

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  • What led Jillian to specialize in PCOS [6:00]
  • Common mistakes women make when trying to address their PCOS symptoms [13:13]
  • What it means to take an abundance approach to PCOS [18:33]
  • Creating a positive and flexible relationship with food [22:35]
  • Why finding joy in food is part of a holistic approach to PCOS [27:27]
  • How women can enjoy food in a way that improves their PCOS symptoms [33:24]
  • What happens when women combine integrative and functional health strategies with a self-care mindset [41:00]



“On the surface, I was doing some seemingly healthy things, but those things led my body to get out of balance.” [12:23]

“PCOS is a syndrome; it manifests differently in each woman. Not every tool, approach, or therapy is going to be appropriate.” [15:56]

“There’s a nice balance to be found where you get joy out of your food but you’re also making it a mindful experience.” [31:57]

“We can’t treat every bit of information like an emotionally-charged diet. We have to be able to think about the application and the individual.” [51:12]



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