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Using Technology to Personalize Nutrition with Mariette Abrahams – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 51

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It’s easy to think that technology is harming us. This is true in many ways. But technology can also improve our health. It’s not just DNA technology that’s helping. Common things like cell phones and apps can have the potential to make us all healthier. When appropriately used, modern technology can help anyone reach their personalized nutritional goals.



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About Mariëtte Abrahams

Mariëtte Abrahams is a registered dietitian with a Ph.D. and an MBA. She is the CEO of Qina, a boutique consultancy whose mission is to bridge the gap between academia, research, industry, and frontline health professionals. As someone who has always created new services, challenged the status quo, and tread where no one has gone before, Mariëtte combined her nutrition and business training to create her own role in the personalized nutrition and wellness industry and has never looked back. Now she is passionate about focusing on prevention and helping individuals to improve their health through data and knowledge.


What is personalized nutrition?

Personalized nutrition is a developing field. By leveraging individual-specific information, founded in evidence-based science, diet and behavioral changes can be promoted. Since it is tailored to the individual, measurable health and behavioral benefits can happen. With this approach, systems can be put in place to make both the clinician’s and the client’s job easier and more effective.


The Role of Technology and Nutrition

This approach goes hand in hand with new technology. Implementing new behaviors is hard. Mariëtte has discovered that technology helps make it easier. By improving communication, finding the right tests, and tracking new behaviors, it is easier than ever. Like it or not, technology is here to stay. Mariëtte encourages all dieticians and nutritionists to use it to support their clients and themselves.

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  • Combining a passion for health with a love of entrepreneurialism [4:10]
  • What is personalized nutrition and its benefits [7:52]
  • The myths of tech-enabled personalized nutrition [12:08]
  • Creating systems to serve clients both online and offline [19:25]
  • How technology can help people change their behavior for the better [30:41]
  • The challenges of the personalized nutrition industry [36:04]
  • What it will take to for personalized nutrition go mainstream [42:53]



“It’s not just about the tech. It’s also about the mindset. That’s where entrepreneurship stands out as a key factor.” [7:32]

“Considering personalized nutrition factors as just DNA-based is not true. What we want to do is improve health outcomes and behavior. That is enabled through technology.” [13:10]

“It’s not just changing things from what you did in the clinic to an online portal; you need to reevaluate and revamp the way you deliver care.”  [19:06]

“We are entering the fourth industrial revolution and we need to adjust. It’s up to ourselves to keep up, to learn.” [41:12]



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