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Everything You Never Knew About Birth with Dr. Lindsay Mumma – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 67

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Despite how common pregnancy and birth are, there’s still so much mystery surrounding it. Many women don’t even begin learning about the pregnancy journey until after they’re already pregnant. Today’s guest Dr. Lindsay Mumma explains how you can plan for birth with as much medical freedom and information as possible.



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About Dr. Lindsay Mumma

Lindsay Mumma, DC, is an entrepreneur, chiropractor, wife, mother, homesteader, friend, daughter, sister, and lots of other things that are hard to put into neat little boxes. She loves helping women from preconception through postpartum. Lindsay is passionate about the core and pelvic floor, believes in living out magic, and thinks anything is possible.


The Modern State of Childbirth

In this frank discussion, Lindsay explains how modern medical practices often interfere with the natural process of pregnancy and birth. C-sections are used far more than is usually necessary. Yet there are some real benefits to a natural birth such as proper hormone release and even a better formation of lung-tissue protein in the baby.


A Necessary Process

The truth is, even in the best of circumstances, childbirth is a traumatic process. Proper recovery is needed, yet many new mothers rush to get back to “normal”. Lindsay describes why it’s necessary to let the birth process occur as naturally as possible in order to support the health of both mother and child. She also explains where to go for help in this process and what is and is not possible to do at home.

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  • How Lindsay came to specialize in prenatal and postpartum care [5:40]
  • The role of community and experts in caring for a pregnancy [12:00]
  • Some of the benefits of natural birth versus surgical birth [16:40]
  • How to best advocate and prepare for a natural birth [30:30]



“It’s such a beautiful process that is super on purpose so that baby comes out ready for life outside the womb. But we can step in and intervene and make it a little easier and set the date and all that. But we’re skipping over a lot of beautiful processes that are inherently part of the journey into the world.” [16:15]

“Having a baby is a big freakin’ deal. It literally changes every single thing from the cellular level of your body all the way to the metaphysical. Everything about you changes when you have a baby.” [17:44]

“We have to go through struggle in order to get to the other side. There is no way around it…. We need that work of childbirth because that work is not pointless. That work is purposeful.” [27:53]



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