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How To Get Stuff Done in 2021 – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 66

How To Get Stuff Done in 2021
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Whether 2020 was a good year or a bad one for you, we were all affected by national and world events. Now that we’re in a new year, it’s time to refresh our mindset and put accomplishing our new goals into action.



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The Source of Your Goals is You

My goals and habits are rooted in who I am and what my core values are. This means having a vision of the person who I want to be and the life I want to live. This changes over time and that’s okay. It’s fine if yours does too. Having a vision based on your core values will provide you with some direction. By identifying your vision, you’ll be able to think strategically about the path you will want to take to reach your goals.


Be Flexible and Open to Change with Your Goals

A big lesson from this past year is that there is a LOT outside of our control. That’s why I feel it’s very important to be open to adapting your expectations as time goes on. Don’t get too emotionally attached to your outcomes and how you plan to achieve them. Flexibility and open-mindedness are key to this mindset.


Breaking Down Your Goals with Meaningful Action

I find that ninety days is a good chunk of time to plan for my goals. Identify something that is reasonably easy to accomplish within that time that would move you towards your vision. Think of a few projects that will move you along that path. Identify the smaller steps that are needed to complete your project and assign them due dates. By breaking a larger goal down into smaller manageable tasks, you can begin to take meaningful action right away.

What can you do over the next three months that aligns with your vision and beliefs? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • How my personal goals have changed over the years [2:50]
  • Setting a vision to strategically reach your goals [5:40]
  • Recognizing when we don’t have control over particular outcomes and circumstances [10:05]
  • Setting quarterly goals according to your core values [14:30]
  • Useful tools for staying on track with your goals [22:00]



“By identifying that vision I’m able to think more strategically about the path it will require for me to get there and the specific actions I will need to take that will move me along that path.” [7:21]

“As much as I have these goals… the fact is that I don’t have control over all the outcomes. I can plan for it. I can envision it. I can come up with the individual steps I’m going to take to get there. But I’m not really in control of those outcomes.” [10:05]

“After you’ve assigned all the tasks, then it’s time to focus on those individual tasks and their due dates and to chip away at the project until it’s done.” [25:41]



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