How To Keep Showing Up For Business (And Life) Even When You’re Exhausted – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 129

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I’m willing to bet that at some point you’ve felt too exhausted to follow through on your goals. Right now, as I deal with being pregnant, I know this feeling all too well. But just because you have a lot going on that’s preventing you from showing up the way you want to, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be done about it. Today, I’m sharing what you can do when you find yourself stuck in one of these energetic ruts.



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Showing Up When You Just Don’t Have the Energy

I certainly don’t have the same energy I did before this pregnancy. I imagine that this won’t end after the baby comes. Whether it’s pregnancy or something else, you’ve likely felt something like this. As an entrepreneur, I have to keep showing up for my business and life no matter how I feel. I have four different things, or Ds, to share that can help when you’re feeling tired or exhausted.

Deleting or Delegating What You Don’t Need to Do

The first thing to do is delete. By this I mean remove from your life those things that don’t need to be done. A lot of the things that overwhelm us are the things we choose to do. Many times, these are things are unnecessary. So think about your priorities and where you can really put your energy. If something takes your energy but doesn’t feel like an actual priority, then delete it from your to-do list.

Sometimes there are things you would like to delete that still have to be done. This is where delegation comes in. Whether it’s chores around the house or a task within your business that doesn’t need your oversight, delegating it to someone else can help you focus your limited energy where it’s truly needed the most.


Make a Decision and Drop Your Resistance

The next thing is deciding what is most crucial to be done. I find that making decisions like this can be extremely tough. Often, we waste a ton of time and energy just trying to make up our minds about how to do something. Instead, just making a plan and sticking to it is the way to actually make meaningful progress. In the end, we are more productive when our energy is focused on just a few things, or maybe even one thing.

Finally, learn to drop the resistance you feel to circumstances beyond your control. I know we often want to do it all, but that’s a recipe for frustration. Resistance is usually mental and it shows up as wanting the current reality to be different. Yet, when we accept what can’t be changed and drop that resistance, the frustration and sadness at how we feel will disappear, freeing up more energy.

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  • Dealing with the uncertainties that come with a season of exhaustion [5:30]
  • The difference between exhaustion and burnout [10:30]
  • Deleting what you can remove from life that doesn’t need to be done [14:15]
  • Delegating to free up your time and energy [23:10]
  • Deciding what is the most important thing for you to do [34:00
  • Dropping the resistance to what’s outside your control [44:30]



“Sometimes we’re in seasons that we don’t have an end date for. Honestly, more often than not, we don’t have an end date for it.” [6:30]

“Take the things out of your schedule and your life, at least temporarily, that don’t have to be done to really conserve your energy for the things that do.” [23:00]

“If you’re not in a season like I’m in right now, you’re probably going to be in one at some point. You don’t want to wait until you’re exhausted and don’t have the energy to do what needs to be done to then start hiring a team.” [29:37]

“The more that we can just accept our circumstances the way that they are, the less energy we’re going to waste trying to fight them.” [52:49]

“If you can run your business when your energy is depleted, just imagine the kind of success you can have when your energy comes back to a higher level.” [58:45]



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