Is Your Missing Period a Sign That You’re Missing Out On Life? with Dani Sheriff – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 128

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If you’re not getting your period, it’s easy to think that it’s not a big problem. However, a missing period is likely a sign that you’re doing things that are not serving you and potentially keeping you from living the life you want. This is particularly the case with hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA). Today’s guest shares her perspective on why this is the case for many women and what they can do about it.

Whether or not you have HA, if you’re a woman with goals and the way you eat and exercise impacts those, this episode is a must-listen!



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About Dani Sheriff

Dani Sheriff is a period recovery coach for women with hypothalamic amenorrhea, a Fertility Awareness Certified Practitioner, and is studying to be a Functional Nutrition Counselor.

She’s the host of The Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Podcast and the creator of The HA Society, a community for women who want to get their period back and then optimize it.

Her mission is to free up mental space for those stuck in the diet-hard mindset so that they can do their life’s greatest work.

Dani is Australian-born but lives in Austin Texas with her husband Jake, baby girl Zara, and German Shepherd Jasmine.

What Can Interrupt Your Cycle and Why it Matters

Although you can survive without a menstrual cycle, it is still very important for your health. Dani explains how your cycle can be interrupted by HA, especially given stress from societal pressures. The ironic truth is that, by working out and dieting too hard to fit a certain image, you can be doing real harm to your health.

Dani describes that, while training as an athlete, this began affecting her. Although she was told by some health experts that this was not a big deal, she began to see just how it was impacting her wellbeing. That’s when Dani decided to learn more about HA and devote herself to helping women like her overcome it.


The Importance of a Well-Integrated Life

Dani goes on to talk about how not striving for “perfection” can actually help you achieve your goals in the end. By trying to make the perfect meal or hit every workout goal, you’re missing the point. Instead, simply using what you know about health and nutrition to best serve your needs at the moment will lead to more sustainable results without added stress.

When there’s only so much stress that we can handle, it’s crucial not to put more on your plate than necessary. If you focus too much on what doesn’t really matter, you’ll overload yourself and your health will suffer. By focusing on what’s best for your mental health as well as your physical welfare, your overall wellbeing will surely improve.

Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist? How has that impacted your health? Leave a comment below! 


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  • What hypothalamic amenorrhea is and how it affects women [6:10]
  • How Dani found her passion in helping people with hypothalamic amenorrhea [10:00]
  • Why it matters when your period is missing [17:55]
  • Why over-exercise and diet can lead to health issues [21:20]
  • The benefits of a well-balanced and integrated life [34:50]
  • How Dani helps women get their periods back through connection and validation [45:45]



“It’s not that we don’t need our menstrual cycle to survive, but we do need it to thrive. They are different things.” [8:28]

“There are opportunities waiting that women are not taking up because they’re too focused on eating as little as possible and getting as many workouts as they possibly can… It’s a rabbit hole we go down and they’re not looking up from it and asking where else they can add value to the world.” [20:58]

“Health and wellness was never meant to be the goal of our life. It was meant to be something that allows us to pursue the goals of our life.” [23:32]

“You are one hundred percent capable of living so much bigger than you are right now and playing so much of a bigger game. What is it in your life that’s stealing your focus?” [55:07]



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