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Digging Into The Why

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As I plan to run my first ever women’s wellness small group tonight, I’ve been asking God to reveal His “why” to me…

Why He put it on my heart to run this group despite how busy this season of work has been…

Why He wants me to prioritize my friendships even when my business feels like it should be my #1 priority…

Why He has placed me in the health and fitness industry and given me a platform in this field despite me often feeling like there’s nothing “special” about me…

Why He is constantly asking me to be braver, go deeper, take more risks, and trust the process more…

And ultimately I’ve discovered that a lot of the answers to these WHY questions boil down to where I believe my true purpose lies.

Because it’s true… I believe every woman was created to live a healthy, vibrant, and purposeful life.

But the Enemy has used the Wellness Industry to completely warp what it means to be “healthy”.

Instead of inspiring women to take care of themselves in a meaningful way, all it’s doing is reinforcing our negative beliefs about ourselves.

The belief that we’re not healthy enough.

The belief that we don’t spend enough time on our diet and fitness pursuits.

The belief that our physical beauty is our most important trait.

The belief that our joy comes from how healthy and strong our body is, rather than the Lord and the relationships with people in our immediate community.

And the more time I’ve spent in this community, the more I realize that if I’m disgusted by the way the Health and Wellness Industry has convinced women of their inadequacies, that many of you are likely feeling tired of it too.

So my prayer is that as I continue to dive deeper into my own personal purpose as a nutrition and women’s health expert (and a woman who wants to make an impact on the world), that the content I share will inspire YOU to start thinking more deeply about YOUR purpose.

Because I know you’re not just here to “get skinny and die”. And I know your physical illness isn’t your identity.

And my mission is to teach as many women as I possibly can how to honor God with their bodies through good food and consistent training, but to also realize that they were created for SO MUCH MORE than the pursuit of perfect health.

Leave a note in the comments below if this mission resonates with you!

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