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How Emily Got Her Period And Her Freedom Back – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 31

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Undereating and overexercising can lead to developing amenorrhea or losing your period. I’ve worked with many women to help them recover their missing period with my Get Your Period Back program. In this episode, I’m joined by my client Emily Morello who has gone through the program to successfully get her period back.



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A Case Study with Emily Morello

It’s not often I record a case study episode with a fellow podcaster, but I’m delighted to share this interview with Emily Morello. Emily is a blogger and podcaster who talks about finding life’s purpose. She joined my Get Your Period Back program last year and we worked together in this group coaching program to help Emily successfully recover her period.

Emily explains what some of the fears she had before investing in the Get Your Period Back program. Part of her fears was financially based, while others were focused on the big lifestyle changes that she knew she’d need to make. 

We talk about why it was important for Get Your Period Back to stretch Emily financially. By making a higher financial commitment, you’re more likely to do the work it takes to finish the program. I’ve found that is the case with many programs like this one, and success stories like Emily’s are evidence.

Being present and in the moment of where you are is one of the mindset shifts that benefitted Emily most. When we’re focusing on the here and now, we’re not thinking about what will happen in the future. By staying present, we realize what we need to do at that moment and that moment alone.

Emily shares how she has gone through many different learning curves throughout the Get Your Period Back program. First, she had to change her food and exercise habits and accept that these changes were the right ones to make. In fact, for Emily, she was forced to completely stop exercising at the beginning of the program, due to an old injury that kept flaring up. This was a blessing in disguise, as you’ll learn!

Emily has also learned that when she’s feeling stressed, she tends to fall back into her old habits of exercising more. But what she’s found is that now she quickly recognizes when she is falling back into this routine. With her newfound knowledge of how to work her way out of it, she doesn’t perpetuate that unhealthy cycle.

Emily also explains how the Get Your Period Back program helped her stop binge eating, among other less desirable habits. By learning what her body actually craves, what makes her feel good, and how to eat for her best health, Emily has been able to make much more conscious and health-supportive decisions when it comes to her diet.

Did you find Emily’s story inspiring? What’s your next step to better care for your body? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • How Emily successfully got her period back through my group coaching program
  • Common fears when considering starting a group program
  • Why making a big financial commitment can help you succeed in your health and mindset journey
  • The benefits of staying present in the journey that you’re on
  • The many learning curves that come up when working to get your period back
  • How nourishing your body appropriately can help you stop binge eating



“This is an investment in your health. It was something I was willing to do, but it really took me trying to tone back my anxiety to realize that I was worth the commitment.” (18:38)

“I realized I did not need exercise to be happy. Then I realized that my exercise addiction and disordered eating were a coping mechanism to get over things that I was struggling with.” (25:13)

“I don’t know if I didn’t go through this program of getting my period back that I would have been so rigid with everything else going on, with my exercise and all that. Now, I add space for what I think is important.” (47:16)



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